Benjamin Alkin Higgins

ID # 4820, (1887-)
BirthBenjamin Alkin Higgins was born on 27 May 1887 at Turnberry Twp., Huron Co.. 
MarriageHe married Minerva Stafford, daughter of Benjamin Valentine Stafford and Gertrude Mary Foster, on 20 December 1911 at Howick Twp., Huron Co..
Mrge reg. 006027-11 Howick Twp., Huron Co.
Benjamin Alkin Higgins, 24, bachelor, teacher, Methodist. Residence Roblin, Manitoba. Parents Thomas Higgins and Margaret Taylor.
Minerva Stafford, 24, spinster, Presbyterian. Residence Howick Twp. Parents Benjamin Stafford and Gertrude Foster.
Witnesses Edgar and Minnie Higgins, both of Glenfarrow.
On Dec. 20, 1911, by Rev. L. Perrin, Wroxeter, Presbyterian.

There were actually two marriage forms, one being very abbreviated. The abbreviated one did show Rev. Perrin as a Presbyterian.

The witnesses address of Glenfarrow was probably that of a postal address. Glenfarrow, or Glen Farrow, was in Turnberry Township of Huron County and a post office existed there from 1883 to 1913. The village must have been quite small for it doesn't appear on an old map of Turnberry nor does it appear on any recent map seen.

NoteBirth reg. 013829-87 Turnberry Twp., Huron Co.
Benjamin A. Higgins born May 27, 1887. Parents Thomas Higgins, farmer, and Margaret Taylor. Informant father, Turnberry. Physician Dr. Brown, Wroxeter.

As of the 1901 census in Turnberry Township, Huron County, Benjamin is with his parents and siblings. The one discrepancy is that his birth is shown as Ma 28, 1887.

He appears in the 1911 census as a school teacher in Marquette, Manitoba. He does not appear in the 1906 western provinces census.

Be 1916, he is married to Minerva and they are in Last Mountain, Saskatchewan, where he is still a school teacher.

They are in Tessier, Saskatchewan, in 1921, where he is shown as an ...agent. Perhaps a timber agent, though 'timber' is a guess.

A sure record for Benjamin thereafter has not been found. 
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