Robert Harvie

ID # 4855, (1865-)
FatherDavid Harvie (1829-1901)
MotherMarianne Oliver (1832-1890)
BirthRobert Harvie was born on 10 March 1865 at North Dumfries Twp., Waterloo Co., Canada West. 
NoteOur source of information for Robert Harvie is the 1871 and1881 census. Considering that births and deaths of older and younger siblings are in North Dumfries, this tree places his birth in North Dumfries. The other record which exists, and which gives his birth date, is the Dumfries Reformer issue of March 15, 1865, which says: David Harvey, 10 March 1865, a son, of Dumfries. The logic of the situation is that this is Robert. This is per a transciption by Rosemary Ambrose.

In April of 1966, a history of the Harvie house was written by Marion Lang. She gives a history of the family and names the children of David Harvie Jr. and Marianne Oliver. Robert, she places in Marysville, California. It isn't clear just when he was so present in California. 
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