Alexander Hastings

ID # 5157, (1849-1914)
FatherJames Hastings (1814-1889)
MotherChristiana McArthur (1821-1911)
BirthAlexander Hastings was born on 6 March 1849 at C14-L24 Blenheim Twp., Oxford County. 
MarriageHe married Jennet Little on 3 June 1880 at Blandford Twp., Oxford Co..
Mrge reg. 008501-80 Blandford Twp., Oxford Co.
Alexander Hastings, 31, born in and residing Blenheim, bachelor, farmer, son of James and Christiann Hastings.
Jennet Little, 22, born and residing Blandford, spinster, daughter of John and Agnes Little.
Witnesses: David E. Little, Blandford, and Annie Hastings, Blenheim.
At Blandford, June 3, 1880. Bother were Presbyterian. Clergyman: William Robertson.
DeathHe died on 16 October 1914 at C14-L24 Blenheim Twp. at age 65. 
BurialHe was buried at Chesterfield United Churchyard Cemetery. 
NoteDeath reg. 023755-14 Blenheim Twp., Oxford Co.
Alexander Hastings, male, Scotch, death date October 16, 1914, date of birth March 6, 1849, age and place of birth: 65 years, 7 months and 10 days, Con. 14, lot 24, Blenheim Tp. Place of death Con. 14, lot 24, Blenheim Tp. Farmer. Father, James Hastings, born Scotland; mother Christina McArthur, born Dumfries, Ontario. Certified by J.L. Brown and James Baird per L. Baird, Plattsville.
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