John Heckendorn

ID # 5626, (1835-1916)
BirthJohn Heckendorn was born on 22 January 1835 at Waterloo County. 
MarriageHe married Mary Good on 27 June 1858 at Waterloo County.
MS248 reel 16, Vol. 75, page 8.
Waterloo County Marriage Register

Extracted from a list of marriages solemnized by F. W. Bindeman, a minister of the United Lutheran Church at Berlin, for the year ending 31st of December, 1858.

John Heckedorn, 24, born and residing Waterloo. Parents Jacob Heckedorn and Mary Muller.
Mary Good, 21, born and residing Woolwich. Parents Benjamin Good and Barbara Huber.
Witness James Kepka, Woolwich
On June 27, 1858.

The registration does not indicate where John Heckedorn (so spelled) was a resident of Waterloo Village or Waterloo Township, but the following places him in the township.

The Waterloo Region branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society provides extracts from the Berliner Journal for marriages for the year 1858. The edition of 13 July, 1858, has a notice of the marriage and dates the event to June 27 at Greenbushs (place unidentified). This marriage is shown as performed by Rev. F. W. Bindemann for John Heckedorn, so spelled, and Mary Good, both of Waterloo Township. This does not quite agree insofar as the marriage registration places Mary's residence in Woolwich.

We may perhaps be a little more specific in that Ezra Eby, in volume 1 of his 1895 work A Biographical History of Waterloo Township, pages 703 and 704, tells of this marriage. He states that Mary Good married John Heckedon (so spelled) on June 27th, 1858, and that they (by 1895) reside in the township of Maryborough in Wellington County.
DeathHe died on 8 December 1916 at Waterloo Township, Waterloo Co., Ontario, at age 81. 
BurialHe was buried at Breslau Mennonite Cressman Cemetery, Breslau, Ont.. 
NoteEzra Eby, in volume 1 of his 1895 work A Biographical History of Waterloo Township, on page 783 identifies the family name as Heckedon. He tells that John's parents were Jacob Heckedon and Mary Miller. Jacob is said to have been born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in 1803. The biography goes on to identify son John as the husband of Mary Good.

The biography tells that John 'Heckedon' and his wife Mary Good settled in Maryborough Township in Wellington County. They do appear here, in the vicinity of Moorefield, as of the 1901 census, though they have not been found before. The 1901 census shows dates of birth and Mary's, 29 December, 1837, agrees with Eby's biography. John Heckendorn, so spelled in the 1901 census, is shown with a date of birth of 22 January, 1835.

A Menno 'Heckgenton' is to be found in information extracted from an 1877 atlas by the McGill Canadian County Atlas Digital Project. He is shown on Concession 10, lot 6. He also appears in census information as Menno Heckenston. Eby identifies him as son of Benjamin as well as a brother of John and locates his farm near the village of Moorefield, which is in Maryborough Township, Wellington County.

Death reg. 034894-16 Waterloo Twp., Waterloo Co.
John Heckendorn died December 8, 1916, in Waterloo Township. Born Waterloo County. Age 81 yrs., 10 mos., 16 dys. Laborer.
Parents Jacob Heckendorn and Maria Miller. Physician Dr. Oaks. Informant Moses Heckendorn.

Burial information is taken from the Waterloo Region's branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society's transcription of the Breslay Mennonite (Cressaman) Cemetery at Breslau. 

Child of John Heckendorn and Mary Good

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