Augustus Howes

ID # 6016, (1820-1889)
BirthAugustus Howes was born in April 1820. 
MarriageHe married Ann Hay
DeathHe died on 22 October 1889 at age 69. 
BurialHe was buried at Elora Municipal Cemetery, Elora, Ontario. 
NoteIn early census records - 1851 through 1881 - Augustus' name is shown as House. At the time of the 1851 and 1861 censuses, he, his wife and children, were in Pilkington Township in Wellington County. By 1871, the family is in Maryborough Township. The family was in Kincardine town for the 1881 census, but they were there earlier - almost certainly in 1875 when daughter Annie married James McVicker of Kincardine. When Annie's two daughter were born, Annie in 1876 and Catherine Violet in 1878, Augustus House was the informant.

A death registration for Augustus Howes has not been found. The Guelph branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society has transcribed section B of Elora Municipal Cemetery, in Elora, and this shows Augustus' date of death as October 22, 1889. It states that he was 68 years and 6 months of age at the time of his death. He is buried with his wife. Here, his name is spelled as Howes, and this, generally, seems to be how his children spelled the name in later years.

The name 'House' was prominent in the Niagara District in the early years of Upper Canada. No evidence has been found to connect Augustus to the Niagara District family of the same name.

Census information shows the family as Wesleyan Methodist and we find some confirmation of this in baptism information for three of the children of Augustus and Ann.

The website of Bill Martin of Thunder Bay presents us with a transcription of Wesleyan Methodist baptisms. The transcription is the work of Ida Reed and is a marvelous resource. As with many families, not all the baptisms of the House/Howes children are to be found. Son Conrad's baptism took place in Elora in 1853. This does, however, show the family's residence as Pilkington Township. They were also in Pilkington at the time of the births of daughters Janet and Ann. Both of these baptisms are recorded as occuring in 1859. The one curve here is that these two baptisms are entered in the volume for the Western District. By 1859, this no longer existed for the county system was in effect, but even at that Pilkington never was in the Western District, but rather in the Wellington District (later Wellington County). Somehow, there is an error. 

Children of Augustus Howes and Ann Hay

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