Ida Snyder

ID # 6065, (1885-1885)
FatherAdam Henry Snyder (1853-1934)
MotherAgnes Hewitt (1857-1928)
BirthIda Snyder was born on 9 November 1885 at Waterloo Township, Waterloo Co.. 
DeathShe died on 17 November 1885 at Waterloo Township. 
NoteBirth reg. 036301-85 Waterloo Twp., Waterloo Co.
Ida Snyder born November 9, 1885 (twin of Jane Catherine). Parents Adam H. Snyder, laborer, and Agnes Hewitt. Physician Dr. Duck. Informant Father of child.

Death reg. 017091-85 Waterloo Twp., Waterloo Co.
Ida Snyder died November 17, 1885. Age 9 days. Laborer's child. Born Twp of Waterloo. Physician and informant Dr. Duck of Preston.
(Cause of death not given. Duration of illness stated to be 6 days.)

Registered November 19th, 1885. 
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