Eleanor Wood

ID # 6137, (1821-1868)
FatherSamuel Wood (1790-1861)
MotherCharlotte Kirkpatrick (1793-1876)
BirthEleanor Wood was born on 16 September 1821. 
MarriageShe married Richard Biggs
DeathShe died on 26 April 1868 at age 46. 
BurialShe was buried at Zion Hill United Church Cemetery, Ancaster Township. 
NoteThe Wood family tree appears on page 31 of A History of the People of Troy, 1947. This tells that 'Ellen' Wood married Richard Biggs Sr. Her name is shown as Eleanor in the 1861 census; she is shown as Eleanor Wood on daughter Charlotte Biggs Howell's 1920 death registration; and she is shown as Eleanor on her gravestone in Zion Hill United Church Cemetery in Ancaster.

Eleanor died on April 26, 1868, according to her gravestone, at the age of 46 years, 7 months, and 10 days. Her date of birth is calculated from this.

For at least some of the children of Eleanor Wood and Richard Biggs, we draw upon the Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms as presented by Bower-McBurney Genealogy. This excellent site includes the images of the pages wherein the names are listed and which may be found on microfilm at the United Church Archives.

The following names appear in a group list on page 287, volume 1. This page is headed Township of Ancaster, Gore District. All the children shown in this list were born and baptized in Ancaster. The baptism date for the children was the same, April 2, 1854.

Sam. Clarke Biggs, born 8 Oct 1844
Charlotte Grace Biggs, 9 Nov. 1845
Rich. Lambertson Biggs, 10 May 1847
Eleanor Jane Biggs, 10 Sept 1848
Roxy Anne Biggs, 5 July 1851

A point that may be noted here is that the surviving Gore District Marriage Register begins listings of marriage in 1843. A marriage record for Richard and Eleanor has not been found. From available evidence, it is reasonable to believe that an earlier register listing marriages back to 1834 once existed, but is now long lost. The marriage of Richard and Eleanor probably predates the surviving register. 

Children of Eleanor Wood and Richard Biggs

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