John Henry Hestont

ID # 6361, (1850-1911)
FatherJohn Hestont (1808-)
MotherNancy Vaud (1811-)
BirthJohn Henry Hestont was born in 1850 at Walpole Twp., Haldimand Co.. 
MarriageHe married Emily Matilda Hall, daughter of Lines William Hall and Minerva Jane Smith, on 17 March 1872 at Cheapside, Walpole Twp., Haldimand Co..
Mrge reg. Walpole, Haldimand Co.
John Henry Histood, 21, bachelor, farmer, Baptist. Born and residing Walpole. Parents John and Nancy Histood.
Emily Hall, 19, spinster, Baptist. Born and residing Walpole. Lines and ...Hall. (The given name of the mother of the bride is illegible, but, as written, could be anything from Minerva to Maria.)
Witnesses John Pugsley and Ellen Steel, both of Cheapside.
On May 17, 1872, at Cheapside, Walpole, by William Pugsley.

Rather typically, for this era of marriage registrations, there are two. Usually, one was written at the county level and one at the township level. Probably, this is what we have for the marriage of John and Emily, and, at a guess, one of the documents was copied from the other. The earlier of the two had no metallic number stamp applied by the Archives of Ontario, and, usually, the later one did. In this case, neither registration bears the metallic number stamp - for which reason, it's guesswork to tell which one was written first. One registration, which is ill written, shows the grooms name as Histood. The other, better written, shows the name as Histool. This also shows the bride's mother's name as Maria.

The problems with the groom's surname and the bride's mother's given name will have to do with the township clerk transcribing the clergyman's handwriting. That Emily was born in Walpole is probably correct. This is a difficult one to mess up, handwriting-wise, and she will have given the information herself.
DeathHe died on 28 October 1911 at Walpole Twp. 
NoteJohn Henry's surname is shown here as Hestont. As written on his marriage registration, it is open to interpretation.

The marriage registration does tell us that his parents were John and Nancy. With this information, it is possible to go through Walpole census pages page by page and track down the family. The indexing is not always of use.

The 1851 census in Walpole Township shows John and Nancy with three children, the youngest being John. Here, the name is spelled Histhunt.

The 1861 census in Walpole shows John and Nancy Hestont. They are Baptists. With them are five children. One of them is John Henry, age 11.

The 1871 census in Walpole shows the family name as Histont. The 1911 and 1921 censuses show the family name as Heastont. Emily's death registration in 1925 shows the name as Hesstant.

The 1911 census began the 1st of June. John was living as of that date. He died on October 28th 1911.

Death reg. 014140-11 Walpole Twp., Haldimand Co.
John Henry Heastont died 28th October 1911 at Lot 18, Concession 2.
Born 24th May, 1842(?) age 69 yrs., 4 mos., 4 dys. Laborer. Married. Parents John Henry Heastant and Nancy Vaud, both born Canada.
Physician George Sherk of Cheapside.
Informant Mrs. J. H. Heastant of Cheapside. 

Children of John Henry Hestont and Emily Matilda Hall

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