John Horsman

ID # 6590, (1767-1834)
BirthJohn Horsman was born in 1767 at Ireland. 
MarriageHe married an unknown person . 
DeathHe died on 26 February 1834. 
BurialHe was buried at Ingersoll Rural Cemetery. 
NoteOxford County Libraries has an index of burials in Ingersoll Rural Cemetery. One of them is John Horsman, date of death 26 February, 1834, age 66. From this, we approximate his year of birth to 1767. Given that the 1851 and 1861 censuses place son Dennis's birth in Ireland, it's tempting to place father John's place of birth as Ireland as well. We are rescued from guesswork, however, by the 1891 census, which shows Dennis and his wife Maria in Ingersoll. This census asked the birth places of the individuals' parents. Dennis gave the place of birth for both his parents as Ireland.

Dennis Horsman is recognized in this tree as the son of John for reason of the Abstract Index page for the west half of lot 6 in the 11th concession of East Nissouri Township. This document shows John Horsman gaining the Crown Patent for this half lot (100 acres) on 31 Jany, 1833. John is recorded as dying in 1834. The next entry on the AI shows Dennis Horsman and wife selling the property to John McNee (or similar) in 1848. We must believe that with the death of John, the property passed to his son Dennis.

The Abstract Index for the above is to be found on the Onland website. This has a collection of pages that are betimes rather faintly microfilmed, though the John Horsman page is mainly readable. The Abstract Indexes were not created until 1867 in response to a law of the day. These can be subject to error, though most such errors predate 1833. Abstract index information, grants and patents aside, can be problematic prior to the War of 1812.

A John Horsman of the town of York (Toronto) petitioned the office of the lieutenant governor for land in 1819. Since the above mentioned patent was not granted until 1833, we can't be sure that the John Horsman of 1819 is one and the same person as John Horsman of East Nissouri.

See Men of Upper Canada, Militia Nominal Rolls, 1828-1829, Elliott, Walker, and Stratford-Devai, Toronto Ontario Genealogical Society, 1995, page 175. This is a listing of men enrolled in the 1st Regiment of Oxford Militia in approximately this time frame. The referred townships on which the militia people were drawn were in what was then the London District. The Brock District was hived off from the London District in 1837. Oxford County as an administrative unit came into being in 1849. The Horsman family was in East Nissouri from at least 1833, but John's son Dennis Horsman, age 19 (so stated - he may have been rather younger) was in the Oxford Militia, part of which was drawn from Nissouri Township, prior to its being divided between the Brock and London Districts. Direct evidence remains to be found, but, probably, the Horsman family was in Nissouri Township prior to John Horsman's patent of 1833.

For the moment, we show John Horsman with one child, Dennis. In all probability there were more, but they have yet to be found.

John died in 1834 and was probably buried in a family cemetery on the family's farm. According to an Oxford County website, the first burial in Ingersoll Rural Cemetery was in 1864. Since John is recorded as being buried there, it's likely that remains at least were transferred there in later years. The Oxford County index page tells that some of their listings are from a burial list and that the stone may not have survived. 

Child of John Horsman

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