Henry Horsman

ID # 6594, (1853-)
FatherDennis Horsman (1812-1895)
MotherMaria Vining (1828-1922)
BirthHenry Horsman was born in 1853 at East Nissouri Twp., Oxford County. 
MarriageHe married Mary Whetstone on 29 September 1874 at East Nissouri Twp..
Mrge reg. 006475-74 East Nissouri Twp., Oxford Co.
Henry Horsman, 21, bachelor, farmer, Methodist. Born and residing East Nissouri. Parents Dennis and Maria Horsman.
Mary Whetstone, 18, spinster, Methodist. Born West Zorra Twp., residing East Nissouri Twp. Parents Josiah and Sarah Whetstone.
Witnesses James Whetstone and Sarah Horsman, both of East Nissouri.
On 29th Sept, 1874, at East Nissouri, by Rev. Wm. Daunt.
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