Ferdinande Hespeler

ID # 6850, (1823-1901)
FatherJohann Georg Hespeler (1784-1840)
MotherAnna Barbara Wick (1791-1881)
BirthFerdinande Hespeler was born on 10 June 1823 at Gernsbach, Baden (Baden-Wurttemburg), Germany. 
MarriageShe married Christophe Freidrich Muehleisen on 23 July 1846 at Eningen, Wurttemberg, Germany.
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Christoph Friedrich Muehleisen, date of birth 29 Nov, 1820. Spouse's name Ferdinande Hespeler, born 10 June 1823 at Gernsbach.
Marriage place Eningen, Wurttemberg.
Parents of groom Simon Muehleisen and Anna Marie Hespeler
Parents of bride Johann Georg Hespeler and Anna Barbara Wick.
Neither previously married.
MarriageShe married John Chapman on 16 June 1853 at Berlin, Waterloo Co., Canada West.
An independent record of the marriage of John Chapman and Ferdinande Hespeler Muehleisen has yet to be found. The Waterloo Historical Society publishes an annual volume of their proceedings and historical articles. The 1938 edition of the Waterloo Historical Society tells that John and Ferdinande were married in Berlin (now Kitchener) on 16 June, 1853.
DeathShe died on 18 February 1901 at Hespeler, Waterloo Co., Ontario, at age 77. 
BurialShe was buried on 20 February 1901 at Sec. B, New Hope Cemetery, Hespeler, Ontario. 
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This tells us that Ferdinande Hespeler was born on 10 Jun, 1823, at Gernsbach, Baden (Baden-Wurttemberg.
Her parents are shown as Johann Georg Hespeler and Anna Barbara Hespeler.
The parish and city was Gernsbach.

Ferdinande appears in the Canada West 1851 census (begun in January of 1852) at Preston. She is in the household of Jacob and Charlotte Beck, Charlotte being her sister. Ferdinande is shown with the name of her first husband, Muehleisen, though the writing is difficult to interpret as such. She is shown as a widow. Listed immediately beneath her name is that of John Chapman, shown as a widower. He had been married to Ferdinande's sister, Wilhelmine, now deceased. There is no evidence in this census of the presence of Ferdinande's daughter Anna Louise Muehleisen.

It appears that, for a time, during the mid 1850s, John and Ferdinande spent at least some time in Galt. Son George, on his marriage registration, shows his place of birth as Galt, and son Albert, has his place of birth shown as Galt on his death registration.

By the time of the 1861 Canada West census at Preston, Ferdinande and John Chapman are married and in their own household. With them is Ferdinande's daughter by her first marriage. She is shown as Louise, age 12. Again, the handwriting is difficult, so far as Louise's surname is concerned, but it's clear enough to know that she is Ferdinande's daughter by her first marriage. Also with them are Ferdinande's three children by John Chapman: George, 5; Albert, 3; and Mina, 1. 

Child of Ferdinande Hespeler and Christophe Freidrich Muehleisen

Children of Ferdinande Hespeler and John Chapman

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