John Wesley Willson

ID # 6895, (1819-1889)
BirthJohn Wesley Willson was born on 24 April 1819 at Saltfleet Township. 
MarriageHe married Sophia Jane Nelles
DeathHe died on 20 February 1889 at Saltfleet Township, Wentworth County, at age 69. 
BurialHe was buried on 22 February 1889 at St. Andrews Anglican Cemetery, Grimsby, Lincoln Co.. 
NoteA few notes for the Willson family. Initially, we take the approximate birth years for the children of John and Sophia from the 1851 census as enumerated at Saltfleet. The enumerator entered the birth place for John Wesley Willson and his children as Saltfleet. Sophia's place of birth is simply shown as Canada.

We rather improve birth information for John and Sophia with the transcription of St. Andrew's Anglican Cemetery at Grimsby as done by the Niagara branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. This shows both dates of birth and of burial and, perhaps, was taken from church records.

The 1851 census for Saltfleet Township runs to a good many pages. Of the 1861 census, only 13 pages have been found as presented by Ancestry. Add to this, any indexing for the John W. Willson family is non-existant, though it's reasonably clear that they were present in Saltfleet at the time. Such indexing as is to be found on Familysearch is based on Ancestry's indexing. Evidently some pages are missing. Certainly, the 1859 Surtees map shows the J. W. Willson property between Lake Ontario and the village of Ontario (later Winona.)

The St. Andrew's Anglican Cemetery page for the Willsons shows a plot as being purchased by Sophia, but with no surviving main stone. There are some footstones with initials recorded, but just who these initials represent is entirely unclear. Such information provided for John and Sophia, as noted above, is probably from church records.

Beyond this, we take some information from the Annals of the Forty and Chadwick's Ontarian Families, Hunterdon House, 1970.

Death reg. 019506-89 Saltfleet Twp., Wentworth Co.
John Wesley Willson died 20 February 1889. Age 70 years. Produce merchant and farmer. English Church. Born Township of Saltfleet. Physician Geo. W. Biggar, M.D. Informant J. H. Willson. 

Children of John Wesley Willson and Sophia Jane Nelles

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