Jane Goodfellow

ID # 7081, (1838-1901)
FatherGideon Goodfellow
MotherMargaret Hastie (1805-1873)
BirthJane Goodfellow was born in 1838. 
MarriageShe married Andrew Walker, son of John Walker and Isabella Murray, on 13 March 1863 at Ayr, North Dumfries Twp., Waterloo Co..
MS248 reel 16, Vol. 76, page 3
Waterloo County Marriage Register

Extracted from a list of marriages solemnized by Rev. Geo. Irving, a minister of the Canada Presbyterian Church for the year ending 31 December, A.D. 1863.

Andrew Walker, 26, born Scotland, residing Waterloo, parents John Walker and Isab. Murray.
Jane Goodfellow, 24, born Canada, residing N. Dumfries, parents Gideon Goodfellow and Mrgrt Hastie.
Witness John Dalgleish of Waterloo.
On March 13, 1863.

As is typical of county marriage registrations, the exact location of the marriage is not given. We may say, however, that Rev. Irving was located in Ayr at Stanley Street Presbyterian Church.

Further, we may indeed say that the couple was married in Ayr, though the evidence is a bit of a mess.

Rosemary Ambrose has transcribed marriages as they appeared in the Dumfries Reformer and Mrs. Ambrose' transcription of this marriage will no doubt be as it appeared in the April 1, 1863 edition of the paper. This tells that Andrew Walker was married on 17 March, 1863, to Helen Goodfellow at Ayr by Rev. George Irving.

That the couple was married by George Irving isn't an issue. Further, that they were married at Ayr is entirely reasonable. Irving apparently returned the record of this marriage to the county clerk as having been held on the 13th of March. Either the county clerk misread Irving's handwriting, or the Reformer's compositor made a mistake with the handwriting in front of him. Which then brings us to Jane's name being presented as Helen in the Reformer. Since the Reformer shows her as marrying Andrew Walker, and as the marriage registration and no end of census information tells, then the only other possibility is that Jane had two given names - Jane Helen, or Helen Jane. Given the groom's name, it's difficult to consider another interpretation.

Rev. George Irving died on January 21, 1865, and is buried in Ayr Cemetery. This cemetery was not opened until 1877, but the plan was to move from several small cemeteries the stones and remains to the new Ayr cemetery. The transcription of Ayr cemetery, done by the Waterloo branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society was overseen by Norma Huber, an experienced transcriber, and she tells in the preamble of this work that cemeteries included in this move were those of Stanley Street and Knox Church. George's age is shown as 30 at the time of his death. He had married a year earlier to a Maggie Loghrin of Eramosa.

DeathShe died on 11 August 1901 at Galt, Waterloo Co., Ontario. 
BurialShe was buried at Sec. 3, Mountview Cemetery, Galt.. 
NoteAs is to be found in notes for Jane's mother, Margaret Hastie, Jane Walker was remembered in Duncan Ferguson's will (see GS2 reel 200, memorial 1678). She is said to be Duncan's step-daughter. Since Margaret's name was Speers when she married Duncan it was believed that Jane's maiden name was probably Speers. Finding a Jane Walker with husband Andrew in the 1871 census was the result of guesswork, but it was found that Jane Goodfellow, the daughter of Gideon Goodfellow and Margaret Hastie married Andrew Walker. (See marriage notes). Hence we may say that Margaret Hastie was married twice prior to her marriage to Duncan Ferguson.

Death reg. 027791-01 Galt, Waterloo Co.
Jane Walker died August 11, 1901. Age not given. Hunter Street. Widow. Born Scotland. P Brethren (Plymouth Brethren). Cause of death cancer five years. Physician and informant T. W. Vardon.

Jane and Andrew were married in the Presbyterian church at Ayr in 1863. Andrew shows his place of residence as Waterloo, probably Waterloo Township. Jane shows her place of residence as North Dumfries. The 1871 census shows them as Presbyterians. The 1881 census shows them as Church of England, but this endorsement appears some lines up and ditto marks are entered and so, for 1881, anything is possible. The 1891 census at Galt shows them as Bible Christians, but Andrew's death registration in 1892 shows him as Plymouth Brethren. The 1901 census shows Jane as Plymouth Brethren as does her death registration later in the year.

A quick survey of Galt census pages indicates that the Plymouth Brethren in Galt weren't numerous, but they were certainly there.

A note here:

See First Church Galt marriages GS2987 or LCM-30, marriage nbr. 351, which reads:

By license in Galt, September 28th, 1852.
John Elliott and Jane Moore, both of Beverly
Witnesses Gideon Goodfellow and Obed Kerr.

Rev. James Strang will have performed the marriage.

Given such little story as so far found, The Gideon Goodfellow, witness to the above marriage, cannot be the father of Jane Goodfellow, but he could conceivably be a brother, or, rather more likely, a cousin. 
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