Catherine Vrooman

ID # 1579, (1819-1859)
FatherSolomon Secord Vrooman (1783-1874)
MotherMary Brown (1790-1846)
BirthCatherine Vrooman was born on 6 September 1819. 
ChristeningShe was christened on 7 October 1821 at Queenston, Upper Canada. 
MarriageShe married Gideon Forsyth
DeathShe died on 17 March 1859 at age 39. 
BurialShe was buried at Field Vrooman Brown Cemetery. 
NoteThe date of Catherine's death, 17 March, 1859, is as shown in the 1949 Vrooman Family History book. It appears to be correct. By way of additional confirmation, we have a photo of Catherine's stone curtesy of David F. Hemmings, as it appears in his DVD nbr 1, Niagara Township Grave Markers.

Catherine's gravestone is in deteriorated condition, but sufficiently readable to show her as Catherine Vrooman, wife of Gideon Forsyth. Her birthdate is only partially readable, but, from the photo we are able to decipher that she was born in September of 1819. Her death date of 17 March is clear enough. The year shown on the stone is faded sufficiently as to be debatable, but 1859 is a reasonable interpretation.

Catherine was living with her husband Gideon Forsyth in Woodhouse Township, Norfolk County, at the time of the 1851 census. By the time of the 1861 census at Woodhouse, Gideon is present with daughter Mary and second wife Mary Ann Elliott.

Gideon died in 1875 in Windham Township and appears to be buried in Delhi Cemetery though this remains to be confirmed.

Daughter Mary married a James Field, or Fields, and she died in 1920 in Burford. Her death registration, filed by the undertaker, shows her mother's name as Kathaleen Frowman, born St. Davids.

No evidence has been found for children for Catherine other than daughter Mary.

One anomaly here may be mentioned. See:

Record of Marriages, County Niagara, State of New York, 1838-1841, Jonathan Bell, Justice of the Peace, Original Record: Lewiston Court Records, 1838-1841, Lewiston Museum, transcribed by Michelle Kratts, Special Permission from the Lewiston Museum, page 1.

On the twenty first day of April 1838, at Lewiston, County of Niagara, Frederick Smith and Catherine Vrooman, both of Chippewa, Upper Canada, were married by me and George W. (Linn) and Ellen McDowell of Tonawanda were present as witnesses to the said marriage.

Who this Catherine Vrooman was is not at all clear. The evidence is against her being the daughter of Solomon Vrooman. There appears in Thorold in the 1851 census a Frederick and Catherine Smith, ages 64 and 61, with daughters Amanda, Martha Jane, and Lovina, ages 35, 33, and 29. No evidence, other than their names, has been found to suggest that Frederick and Catherine of Thorold are the couple who contracted marriage in Lewiston in 1838. If, however, Catharine Smith of Thorold in 1851 is indeed the Catherine Vrooman who married Frederick Smith in 1838, then she may have done so as a widow of middle years. In which case, the Vrooman she might have been first married to remains a mystery. 

Child of Catherine Vrooman and Gideon Forsyth

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