Solomon Secord Vrooman

ID # 1475, (1783-1874)
FatherAdam Vrooman (1753-1810)
MotherMargaret Mattice (1759-)
BirthSolomon Secord Vrooman was born on 5 December 1783 at Niagara. 
MarriageHe married Mary Brown, daughter of Joseph Brown, on 19 March 1807 at St Mark's Anglican Church, Niagara On The Lake.
St. Mark's Anglican Church at Niagara on the Lake has records of marriages performed in 1807 by Rob't Addison, Minister of Niagara.

Solomon Vrooman bachelor to Mary Brown spinster 19 March 1807.
DeathHe died on 21 August 1874 at age 90. 
BurialHe was buried at Field Vrooman Brown Cemetery. 
NoteIt appears that Adam and Margaret Vrooman named their first born son after Solomon Secord, son of James Secord. See Robert Mutrie's transcription of Revolutionary War claims, and also Norman K. Crowder's book, Early Ontario Settlers, A Source Book, 1784 Niagara Return, page 90.

Solomon Secord was a lieutenant in Butler's Rangers wherein Adam Vrooman was a sargeant.

Janet Carnochan in her Inscriptions and Graves of the Niagara Peninsula, Niagara Historical Society (undated), discusses the Field Vrooman Brown Cemetery. She quotes an inscription: Sacred to the memory of Solomon S. Vrooman, born Dec. 5th, 1783, died Aug. 21st, 1873.

In the Dr. W.G. Reive Collection Cemeteries and Graves in Niagara, Reive states that he could not find this inscription in 1928. He did find that of Mary Brown, Solomon's wife and their daughter Nancy.

In 1983, Lester J. Wilker did a transcription of this cemetery and he dates Solomon's death to 21 August 1874.

That Dr. Reive missed Solomon's inscription is difficult to understand. It's on the reverse side of the stone which shows the inscription for Mary, Solomon's wife. Photo projects have picked this up, but perhaps the best photo to be found of Solomon Vrooman's gravestone inscription is in Canada Gen Web's photo essay of River Road / Field / Vrooman / Brown Cemetery, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Lincoln County. The inscription is a bit worn, but still remarkably clear. It dates Solomon's death to August 21st, 1874. The one thing odd about it is that the year of Solomon's birth has the look of having been re-incised at some point. Still, it shows his birth as being on December 5th, 1783.

A death registration for Solomon Secord Vrooman has not been found.

The Niagara Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society provides us with the records of the Morse Funeral Home. In their book 2, page 328, dated August 21, 1874, they show they provided a coffin, case and hearse, for 50.00 which was charged to the estate of Solomon Vrooman. (The one very minor mystery here is that Morse's records usually date to the day of the funeral.)

Three children of Solomon and Mary were baptized at Queenston on 7 October 1821, according to the 'homemade marriage book 1821 - 1825, Queenston, Upper Canada': Joseph Brown Vrowman; Catherine Vrowman; and Adam Brown Vrowman.

The 1949 Vrooman Family book gives us a list of 14 children for Solomon and Mary.The list includes the above names. There is possibly one other child connected at some level by the name of James John, or James Jackson, Vrooman. Reasonably, he isn't the son of George Vrooman who died in the Civil War. This James Vrooman died in Lake Geneva, Walworth County, Wisconsin, on 14 October, 1895. His date and place of birth is shown as 6 September, 1832, at 'Queenstown', Canada. It's difficult to relate his birth to being a son of any of Solomon's brothers. If the birth year 1832 is correct, then it is possible that by the time of the 1852 census, James had sought his fortune elsewhere. If page 110 of the 1949 Vrooman Family book is taken from a family source, then we must look elsewhere. According to the 1949 Vrooman book, the youngest son of Solomon was Walter. James Vrooman of Wisconsin had a son he named Walter. This of course could be coincidental, but at least adds to the circumstantial evidence. Whether he was a son of Solomon is another matter. 

Children of Solomon Secord Vrooman and Mary Brown

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