Adam Brown Vrooman

ID # 1580, (1821-1892)
FatherSolomon Secord Vrooman (1783-1874)
MotherMary Brown (1790-1846)
BirthAdam Brown Vrooman was born on 7 July 1821. 
ChristeningHe was christened on 7 October 1821 at Queenston, Upper Canada. 
MarriageHe married Loretta Sterling on 24 February 1847 at Talbot District.
Page 162 of the 1949 Vrooman Family history dates the marriage of Adam Brown Vrooman and Loretta Sterling to 24 February, 1848. The information for this branch of the family is remarkably accurate. However, the Talbot District Marriage register dates the marriage to a year earlier and, viewing the image of the page provided by Ancestry, the date shown, 24 February 1847, in the context of the other marriages listed, will be correct.

See The Marriage Registers of Upper Canada/Canada West, Vol. 1, Talbot District, 1837-1857, compiled by Dan Walker & Fawne Stratford-Devai, Global Heritage Press, 2000. Page 48:

Marriages by Rev'd Kennedy Creighton, Wesleyan Methodist, #82, (p. 62 & 63).

Adam B. Vroman of Niagara to Loretta Sterling of Townsend. 24 Feb. 1847, by Licence. Rev. Creighton. Wit. Isaac B. Sterling and John A. Carpenter.
DeathHe died on 9 March 1892 at age 70. 
NoteThe sequence of events in the life of Adam Brown Vrooman present us with problems. We have a clear record of his marriage to Loretta Sterling in the Talbot District in 1847. By the 1851 census, Adam and Loretta are living in Niagara Township. With them is Albert Vrooman, age 2. They appear to be living with Adam's father Solomon.

By 1861, the family is still in Niagara Township and living with Solomon. Their children, Abigail, John and Edward, are with them.

It's in 1871 where matters become unclear. In this census, Loretta, age 44, is shown as a dressmaker and a widow. With her are children Abigail, age 17, and Frank 7. The record is badly written. Loretta's name, by itself, is nearly undecipherable. The family name is shown as Broomoman. Given the childrens' names and ages, however, it's difficult to see them as being other than Adam's family. A reasonable record for Adam Vrooman has not been found at all in 1871 or the U.S. census of 1870.

In 1881, son John Vrooman (probably) appears on page 17, district b, in Townsend Township. Loretta has not been found. An Adam Vrowman, age 60, appears in the home of Peter Wright in Stamford Township and is shown as a laborer. His marriage status is not given.

In 1891, Loretta Vrooman, age 64, a widow and a domestic, appears in the home of Edwin Carpenter in the Township of Townsend in Norfolk County. No record for Adam has been found.

Page 162 of the Vrooman History book of 1949 dates Adam Vrooman's death to March 9, 1892, in Renton. The book claims that Adam was a member of parliament, though this may be a confusion with Adam Edward Vrooman, son of Solomon's brother James Vrooman.

See The Sterling Genealogy, Vol. 2, by Albert Mark Sterling, The Grafton Press, New York, digitized by Microsoft. Refer to page 739.

This says that Adam died March 10, 1892, at Tyrrell. Tyrell and Renton are both in Townsend Township, Norfolk County.

Loretta Vrooman is buried in Oakwood Cemetery, section A1, in the town of Simcoe. Her gravestone reads Vrooman/Loretta/wife of/Adam B. Vrooman/died October 9, 1899/in her 73rd year.

There is no evidence that Adam was buried with her.

The date records provided in the 1949 book for the family of Solomon Vrooman are fairly accurate and, probably, the date at least for Adam's death is correct, allowing for the one day difference as presented in the Sterling Genealogy. It may well be that Adam died in Townsend Township, but no death registration has been found for him there or anywhere else in the province. Where Adam is buried is unknown.

Considering that Loretta described herself as a widow in the 1871 and 1891 censuses, and that Adam is said to have died in 1892, it does appear that they were living separate from at least the 1871 census.

As noted, Adam Brown Vrooman was married to Loretta Sterling. Adam's brother Henry Eugene was married to Sarah Ann Sterling, a sister of Loretta's. Page 163 of the Vrooman Family history tells that Adam lost his place on the old homestead and that Henry Eugene mortaged his place to help him. The story goes on to tell that Henry's son, William Henry, later redeemed the property and lived there. 

Children of Adam Brown Vrooman and Loretta Sterling

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