John Edwin Tucker

ID # 1873, (1837-1915)
FatherJohn Tucker (-1842)
MotherMargaret Russell (1805-1882)
BirthJohn Edwin Tucker was born on 18 June 1837 at Niagara Falls, Upper Canada. 
MarriageHe married Margaret Long on 31 December 1861 at Niagara City, Niagara County, New York.
The marriage certificate of John Edwin Tucker and Margaret Long McKenzie is in the possession of a descendant who has kindly permitted the use of the information appearing in it. It reads as follows:

Certificate of Marriage
This certifies that one the thirty first day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty one, at Niagara City Nigara County, and State of New York.
United in Marriage
Edwin Tucker of Drummondville, C.W. and Margaret McKinsey of the same place.
That I am satisfied that they are respectively of sufficient age to contract marriage; and are personally known by me, or satisfactorily proven, to be the persons above named. And also that after due inquiry made, there appeared no impediment to such marriage. I do further certify that David Nickerson and Elizabeth Wissler were present at such marriage or attesting witnesses.
Witnesses signatures: David Nickerson and Elizabeth Ann Wistler.
Signed Jacob K...illeg, Justive of the Peace.

Witness Elizabeth's surname rather illegible as written by the JP and not much more readable in her signature.
DeathHe died on 18 June 1915 at Niagara Falls, Ontario, at age 78. 
BurialHe was buried on 21 June 1915 at Drummond Hill Cemetery, Niagara Falls, Ontario. 
NoteDeath reg. 033298-15 Niagara Falls, Welland County
John Edwin Tucker, age 78, died June 18, 1915. Born Niagara Falls, Ontario. Place of death, 24 Lundy's Lane, City. Burial Drummond Hill Cemetery. Gentleman. Widower. Father John E. Tucker. Mother Margaret Russell. The informant was apparently the undertaker.

(The index for Morse Funeral Home as provided by the Niagara Branch of the OGS shows that Mrs. Zybach, Elizabeth Ann, made the arrangements with Morse for her father's funeral. The above information no doubt came from her.)

The notes of William Dalton, sexton of Drummond Hill Cemetery, supplement the above information:

Burial June 21st. John Edward Tucker, born June 18th, 1837, at N.F. South. Died June 18, 1914(1915) age 78 years. Residence 24 Lundy's Lane. He was a harness maker and trimmer by trade....His mother married twice. First to one Isaac Tucker who kept one of the first taverns called the Grove House Inn. He (Isaac Tucker) died, then she married Richard Henley. ...J.E. Tucker married a widow, Mrs. George McKenzie. She died before him.

Dalton also attaches an unsourced obituary to his log. This tells that John Edwin Tucker was survived by daughters Isabella at home, Mrs. J. Zybach, Mrs. J. Forde, Mrs. W.T. Smith, and by Mr. George McKenzie, a stepson.

Dalton mentions that John Edwin Tucker was buried in his father's grave. He also notes that John Tucker Jr, who died in 1893, was buried in the Tucker plot.

Dalton locates this plot immediately east of the Laura Secord memorial. This area was examined in August of 2015 and there is no sign of a Tucker gravestone. Cornelia Tucker Forde's stone is to be found quite close to the Secord memorial. 

Children of John Edwin Tucker and Margaret Long

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