George William Himes

ID # 2375, (1873-1873)
FatherJohn Himes (1846-1909)
MotherLavinia Mathewson (1849-1925)
BirthGeorge William Himes was born on 1 February 1873 at Galt, Ont.. 
DeathHe died on 7 February 1873 at Galt. 
BurialHe was buried at The Galt Cemetery, later Mountview. 
NoteBirth reg. 022422-73 Galt, Waterloo County
George Himes born 1st February, 1873. Parents John Himes and Lavinia Mattheson. Informant, John Himes, Machinist, Galt.

Death reg. 008662-73 Town of Galt, Waterloo County,
George Himes died 7 February, 1873, age one week.
Born Galt. Informant John Himes, machinist, Galt.

The birth and death registrations were filed at Galt on the same day, February 8th, 1873.

Vera Coleman told the story that the funeral was held from the family home on Chalmers Street and that the little coffin was carried by the men of the family down Main Street and to Mountview Cemetery across the river. She further said that in later years, when John Himes Sr., was buried, they couldn't find where George had been buried. 'The men of the family' could only refer to John Himes and Will Clark, John's brother-in-law. Will was a carpenter and probably made the coffin.

Was George buried with the assistance of a cemetery employee or did John and Will bury George themselves? Whatever happened, Mountview Cemetery has no record of his burial. 
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