John Himes

ID # 2370, (1846-1909)
FatherBenjamin Hyams (1808-1876)
MotherAnn Parkinson (1812-)
BirthJohn Himes was born on 15 June 1846 at Poplar, Co. Of Middlesex, England. 
MarriageHe married Lavinia Mathewson, daughter of James Mathewson and Emma Beal Hare, on 13 September 1868 at Bromley, St. Leonards. 
DeathHe died on 21 June 1909 at Galt, Ont., at age 63. 
BurialHe was buried at Section 3, Mountview Cemetery, Galt, Ontario. 
NoteThe following is from the civil registration of John's birth:
Registration District: Poplar, 1846, County of Middlesex.
Birthdate fifteenth of June, 1846, 6 Jeremiah Street. Name - John. Sex - Boy.
Birth registration:
Name and surname of father Benjamin Hyams. Name, surname and maiden surname of mother Ann Hyams, formerly Parkinson. Occupation of father - Labourer. Signature, description and residence of information. The Mark x of Anne Hyams, Mother, 6 Jeremiah Street. When registered - sixteenth of July 1840. Signature of registrar written with a flourish and rather illegible, but appears to be Pettigrew.

A note here on John's surname. His name was registered at birth as Hyams. His father and grandfather seem to have used the name Hyams, though it does not appear such consistently and the Himes spelling turns up in census records. Since John was married under the name Himes and his progeny went by that name, 'Himes' is used here.

Death reg. 029796-09 Galt, Waterloo Co.
John Himes, born June 15, 1846, England, died June 21, 1909, Galt, age 63 years, 6 days. laborer, married, father Benj. Himes, born England. Informant John Himes Jr. Attending Dr. J. S. Wardlaw.

According to the Galt Daily Reporter, John Himes died at 10.45 in the morning at his residence at Chalmers Street in Galt. His obituary says that he was a resident of Galt for 38 years and 36 of them were spent working at Goldie McCulloch foundry. He is said to have four sisters living in England, but they are not named.

The Himes family appear in the 1891 census taken at Galt. John is 45 and said to be a laborer in a foundry. His wife, Lavinia, got enumerated as Euphemia. She is 42. John Jr., 22, is a core maker in a foundry. Lavinia, age 20, is a domestic. Elizabeth is 17 and a day hand doing knitting and laundry. William is age 15, Annie 13, Esther 11, Kate 8, Harry 7, Albert 5, and 'Alpha' (Alfred, or Alf) age 2. Since Alfred was born in November of 1888, this works. Fred hadn't been born at this point.

The Archives of Ontario has a database for the Toronto Emigrant Assisted Immigraition Office, four volumes between 1865 and 1883, which includes information for John Himes and family. It's dated June 1, 1871. Apparently a request was made for assistance with passage to Hamilton. The family had landed at Quebec aboard the ship Niger (date not given). The party consisted of two adults and two children. The children would have been John Jr. and Lavinia.

A note here with reference to the baptism of son John and daughters Lavinia and Elizabeth:

Son John James Himes was born in England in 1869 and daughter Lavinia Emma was born in England in 1871. They both appear with their parents in the 1871 census in Bromley, St. Leonard, London. We find an index for the registration of young John's birth there and a copy of the registration for Lavinia has been ordered and received from the Government Records Office in England. It appears, however, that they were not baptized in England, but in Canada. (Records for baptisms in England for John and Lavinia have been sought, but not found.)

Ida Reed's transcription of Wesleyan Methodist baptisms is to be found on the website of Bill Martin of Thunder Bay. This is an excellent resource and it shows three baptisms for the Himes children. These baptisms were performed by Rev. John B. Clarkson, Wesleyan Methodist, at what was (or at least became) the Ainslie Street Methodist Church in Galt, Ontario. He was clergyman there from 1871-1874.

John and Lavinia are recorded as being baptized on 14 April, 1873. Elizabeth Frances is recorded as being baptized on 12 April, 1874. John and Lavinia are shown as being born in London, England. Elizabeth Frances is shown as being born in Galt. The three children with their parents are shown as being resident in Galt.

The entries were all made on page 163 of Volume 3 of Wesleyan baptisms and the district/county name is shown as Halton. The area is shown as North Dumfries. Galt, prior to its amalgamation into the city of Cambridge was certainly located in the township of North Dumfries.

Galt was in Dumfries Township of the Gore District until approximately 1850. In 1851 the county system came into being and Galt and the north half of Dumfries Township was then a part of Waterloo County.

The name 'Halton County' was not in earlier days an administrative district. Rather it was an electoral riding in the Gore District and returned two representatives to the legislature at York/Toronto. In later years Halton was a county, but much reduced from its original size as an electoral district and it surrounds the present day town of Milton.

A baptism has not been found for George William Himes. He died within a week of birth in 1873. The records for the Himes children born after Elizabeth Frances (in 1874) do not appear in the transcription, but are probably in the records of present day Wesley United Church.

Whether just precisely the residence of the family and children which is shown as being in Galt at the time of the baptisms is correct is another matter. It is understood that the family was on Chalmers Street from earliest days. The story was that this was outside the town limits and that John Himes had to pay a tax to Galt so that John Jr. and Lavinia might attend Galt's Central School. Had he not, the children would have had to attend the school at Little's Corners, a much longer walk. Just when Chalmers Street was taken into the town limits is unknown, but was probably not long after their school years began. The short story here is that the family's residence as of around the time of the baptisms may have been North Dumfries Township. 

Children of John Himes and Lavinia Mathewson

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