William Lloyd Causon

ID # 2504, (1866-)
FatherWilliam Lloyd Causon (1836-1885)
MotherMargaret Ann Wood (1837-1911)
BirthWilliam Lloyd Causon was born on 9 February 1866 at Hackney, London, England. 
ChristeningHe was christened on 4 March 1866 at St. Barnabas, Homerton, Hackney, Middlesex Co.. 
MarriageHe married Emma Anne Boone in 1891 at Hackney, London.
For the moment, we have only an index showing the marriage of William Lloyd Causon to Emma Anne 'Roome' in March of 1891. The month is not necessarily correct, but may represent the quarter. The marriage registration has yet to be found.
NoteInformation has been found to suggest that there were three generations of William Lloyd Causon.

Daughter Elsie was in Flint with Fred Himes at the time of the 1920 and 1930 US censuses. William and Emma have yet to be located in the 1920 census, but are both present in Flint at the time of the 1930 census. Interestingly, though we have a record of them crossing the border at Detroit from Canada in 1913, the 1930 census shows William and Emma coming to the US in 1920. It may be that they left the country for a number of years or 1920 may represent the year of their naturalization.

The baptism record for William Lloyd Causon has been found. It appears on page on page 177 of Baptisms Solemnized in the parish of St. Barnabas Homer, (Hackney), Middlesex.
It shows William's date of birth as 9 February 1866; it shows the date of baptism as 4 March 1866. It reads: William Lloyd, son of William Lloyd and Margaret Ann Carson, 12 College Street, Homer. The father is shown as a labourer.

The surname shown as Carson must have been a handwriting issue for the clerk writing up the page, for there can be no doubt that the elder William Lloyd and Margaret Ann are the parents of William Lloyd Causon. Their address is given as 12 College Street, Homerton, and they were at that address for quite some years. Numbers of their substantial family were baptized while the family resided at this address and we find several children recorded with the name Causon correctly spelled. 

Child of William Lloyd Causon and Emma Anne Boone

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