Lawrence Lawrason

ID # 2940, (1803-1882)
FatherLawrence Lawrason (1760-1830)
MotherRachel Pettit (1758-1815)
BirthLawrence Lawrason was born on 10 August 1803 at Ancaster, Upper Canada. 
MarriageHe married Abigail Lee on 21 May 1827. 
DeathHe died on 14 August 1882 at London, Middlesex Co., Ontario, at age 79. 
BurialHe was buried at Woodland Cemetery, London, Ontario. 
NoteThe Dictionary of Canadian Biography deals kindly with Lawrence Lawrason. It tells something of his background, his successful business acumen, and his interest in civic affairs. It goes on to say that he was an active member of the Church of England and that he was involved in the building of St. Paul's Cathedral. Stories of his fairness and even compassion are to be found elsewhere. As a magistrate it has been told that he was fair in his judgements, including those to do with the Donnelly family of Black Donnelly fame when they appeared before his bench.

We must recognize, however, that he was not immune from the political passions of the day.

The October 12, 1849 issue of the Trenton Gazette (in Trenton, New Jersey, of all places) told a tale of riot at a Canadian council meeting in London. There was a factional dispute relating to an address that was to be presented to the governor general. Lawrence had handily beaten the reform candidate, Simeon Morrill, in a by-election in 1844. The Gazette story refers to a Simpson Morrill, but this is probably an error and he is probably Lawrason's old adversary. As the discussion relating to the address grew heated, Lawrason lept to the podium, pushed the mayor out of the chair, and then 'forcibly and unceremoniously ejected Mr. Morrill'! It quickly went down hill from there with loud cries of 'throw Lawrason out of the window!' The meeting thereafter was a total donnybrook. Finally, the mayor regained the chair and handed the meeting over to 'Simpson' Morrill. The Morrill version of the way the address was to be delivered was passed by an 'overwhelming majority'. The meeting concluded with three cheers for the governor general and nine cheers for the queen.

As of the 1881 census, Lawrence and Abigail were living with daughter Margaret and her husband Edmund Baynes Reid in London.

Death reg. 010531-82 City of London, Middlesex Co.
Lawrence Lawrason died 14 August 1882. Age 79. Police magistrate. Born Ancaster, Ontario. Church of England. Informant George M. Innes, minister, address illeg. 

Children of Lawrence Lawrason and Abigail Lee

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