Earl Ray Lawrason

ID # 3024, (1883-1883)
FatherAlonzo Lawrason (1843-1909)
MotherEliza Jane Streeter (1849-1890)
BirthEarl Ray Lawrason was born on 8 May 1883 at Bliss Twp., Emmet Co., Mich. 
DeathHe died on 27 May 1883 at Bliss Twp., Emmet Co., Mich. 
NoteReturn of births in the County of Emmet, page 165
Nbrs 102 & 103
May 8, 1883 Twins
Earl Ray Lawrason, male, born Bliss
Pearl May Lawrason, female, born Bliss
Parents Alonzo Lawrason and Eliza J. Lawrason.
Alonzo is shown as being born in Ohio and Eliza in Indiana.
Since the parents' place of birth is obviously wrong and doesn't accord with other similar registrations, we must believe that the clerk had several forms on his desk at the same time and got into a mixup.

Return of deaths in the County of Emmet, page 208
Nbrs. 40 & 41
May 24, 1883, Pearl May Lawrason died at bliss, age 16 days.
May 27, 1883, Earl Ray Lawrason, died at bliss, age 19 days.
The cause of death for both reads:
Infantile/feeble from birth.
The parents are shown as Alonzo and Eliza Lawrason, both residing Bliss, Michigan.

We may note that the children's grandfather, Robert Lawrason, age 82, is shown on the same page. His death is recorded as being on June 14, 1883, at Bliss. 
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