Guy Brandon Lawrason

ID # 3026, (1882-1938)
FatherAlonzo Lawrason (1843-1909)
MotherEliza Jane Streeter (1849-1890)
BirthGuy Brandon Lawrason was born on 26 April 1882 at Bliss Twp., Emmet Co., Mich. 
MarriageHe married Alida Harvey on 19 February 1912 at New Orleans, Louisiana.
Familysearch presents us with a record from a record book for marriages for New Orleans. The handwriting is very difficult, but it was clearly enough for the wedding of Guy Brandon Lawrason, age 29, a native of Bliss, Michigan, son of Alonzo F. Lawrason and Eliza Streeter, and Miss Alida Harvey, age 22, a native of...illeg...daughter of Henry A. Harvey and Marie DeGruy. The marriage was celebrated in the City of New Orleans by...totally illegible.
DeathHe died on 28 May 1938 at age 56. 
BurialHe was buried at St. Louis Cemetery nbr. 2, New Orleans. 
NoteFind-a-Grave shows a photo of the grave of Major Guy B. Lawrason in St. Louis Cemetery Nbr. 2, New Orleans. His years of birth and death are shown as 1882 - 1938. Considering that we have good family information in Guy's marriage registration with Alida Harvey, we are on safe ground that he is the son of Alonzo Lawrason and Eliza Streeter. A somewhat odd birth registration exists that is, reasonably, Guy's, though at first glance it isn't obvious. It reads:

Return of births for the county of...not filled in (Emmet)
Nbr. 141, Apr. 26, 1882. F.B. Lawrason, male, birth place Bliss. Parents Alonzo Lawrason, farmer, residing Bliss, born Canada. Mother Eliza Lawrason, residing Bliss, born Michigan.

The initial F. is probably a handwriting problem with the information slip that the recording clerk was working with. 
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