Thomas Lawrason

ID # 334, (1795-)
FatherMiller Lawrason (1768-1847)
MotherElizabeth Purvis (1770-1834)
BirthThomas Lawrason was born in 1795 at Clinton Township. 
MarriageHe married Charity Deneen
BurialHe was buried at Troy Cemetery. 
NoteWe find a Thomas Lawrason in Dumfries Township in the 1832 census of the township that lies to the east of the Grand River. (See MS700 reel 1). This places him on concession 2, lot 4, of the township, though this isn't entirely legible. (The 1832 census does not always appear to be accurate in terms of concession and lot numbers.) The Dickson papers indicate that Thomas purchased the south half of lot 3 on the 5th concession. This is found on microfilm MS5 reel 3 of the Dickson Papers. It should be said the handwriting on the Dickson documents is cramped and, in some cases, the images are faded. Still, it does seem clear enough that Thomas purchased the property on 28th May, 1823. Nothing on the the page of Dickson's ledger takes transactions past 1826, though at some point Robert Keefer and a Daniel Lawrason (no idea who he is) seem to have had an interest in the property.

According to Volume H. page 263, (see microfilm GS1421) Thomas Lawrason of Dumfries purchased from John and Janet McFarland all 200 acres of lot 5 on the 3rd concession of Beverly Township in the Gore District on 1 May 1833. We do not find a transaction wherein Thomas himself sells off any of his land.

The year of Thomas' death isn't known of a certainty - his stone in Troy cemetery was already in poor condition when Harley Misener made his transcription in 1969 - but Thomas likely died in 1846, or very shortly after. Certainly his son John P. Lawrason sold 50 acres of this property to Andrew Coleman on 22 January 1848 and other portions at later dates. By 1848 we can safely say that Thomas was no longer living.

Death registrations for the children of Thomas and Charity are of little help in terms of recording the family's sojourn in Dumfries. Only Walter's gives a clear statement of place of birth, Beverly, and the informant at the time, 1896, was his grandson.

Our direct information for Thomas amounts to very little. We may say that he is buried in Troy Cemetery. Harley Misener's transcription is perhaps the oldest that we have for Troy Cemetery and he makes mention of his first name. The Hamilton Branch of the OGS shows stone nbr. 101 as that of his wife Charity Lawrason, wife of Thomas, but then for stone nbr. 102 the only transcription they were able to elicit reads: Thomas Lawrason / died ? aged 50 years and 11 mos.

Delores MacIntyre, in her book Some Records of the Lawrason Family (1993 rev. 2000), records having examined the badly cracked stone in 1984. She noted his age at time of death as 50 years and 11 months. Since Thomas was second in the family, it is inferred that he was born in approximately 1795.(See notes for Elizabeth Purvis and the lawyer's letter, which is quoted. The names of the children of Elizabeth appear to be quoted in birth order. Considering birth years which we may reasonably record for Thomas' siblings, a birth year for him of 1795, while approximate, will be close.) Delores obtained records from the Wentworth County Land Registry Office that showed by June of 1848, Thomas was dead and his son, John Purvis Lawrason, was disposing of part of his father's farm. By 1848, Thomas Lawrason may have been dead for perhaps a couple of years.

The above, by the way, is borne out by the Abstract index for lot five on the third concession of Beverly. Thomas Lawrason purchased this 200 acre township lot on 1 May, 1833, from John McFarland et ux (et uxora - 'and wife'). The next record that we find is that of his son, John Purvis Lawrason, selling 50 acres of this same property to Andrew Coleman on 22 January 1848. From this, it seems reasonable to say that Thomas Lawrason was dead no later than 1847.

We may note here that when Thomas and family moved in 1833 to C3-L5 in Beverly, the property was immediately west of C3-L6 where Thomas' aunt, Elizabeth Lawrason Coleman lived with her family. Also, Charity's sister, Mary Denean Able, wife of David Able, lived close by. 

Children of Thomas Lawrason and Charity Deneen

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