John Barbour

ID # 4577, (1816-1888)
BirthJohn Barbour was born in 1816 at Scotland. 
MarriageHe married Isabella Gilholm, daughter of Robert Gilholm and Ann Foreman, on 29 May 1855 at North Dumfries Township, Waterloo County.
GS2987 First Church (Presbyterian), Galt, Waterloo County

Extracted from unnumbered page of First Church marriage book.

By license in N. Dumfries May 29, 1855

John Barbour, Cabinet maker, Galt
Isabella Gilholm, spinster, N. Dumfries

Witnesses Robert Gilholm and John Cant

This marriage fell into the few years of unrecorded marriages after the end of recordings in the Gore District Marriage register, but prior to the beginning of the county registers.
MarriageHe married Mary White
MarriageHe married Amelia Stiles
DeathHe died on 30 October 1888 at Galt, Waterloo Co., Ontario. 
BurialHe was buried at Section 3, Mountview Cemetery, Galt. 
NoteJohn Barbour was married three times. We know of his first wife, Mary White, from the inscription on the Barbour family stone in Section 3 of Mountview Cemetery in Galt. Her dates are shown as 1810-1848. We also know of John's last wife, Isabella Gilholm, from the First Church marriage register, and from census years beginning in 1861, and, again, from the inscription on the Barbour stone in Mountview.

The one direct record that we have of John having a second wife is the 1851 census in Galt which shows her name as Amelia. Also in the household are Joseph and Edward Seaghram (Seagram), ages 11 and 10. Via this, we find that Amelia Stiles Seagram was widowed and that at some point she married John Barbour, probably in an Anglican ceremony, if for no other reason than the fact that the 1851 census shows Amelia as an Episcopalian. Amelia is buried in Trinity Anglican Cemetery in Galt with her first husband Octavious Augustus Seagram. Amelia died in 1853.

First Church, Galt, marriage records show Isabella Gilholm marrying John Barbour in 1855.

Death reg. 017745-88 Galt, Waterloo Co.
John Barbour died 30th Oct 1888
Age 72
Occupation illegible. Place of birth in Scotland illegible. Physician Dr. Radford.
Informant R. B. Barbour, occupation illeg., Galt.
Church of England.

John is shown as a Presbyterian in the 1851 census. Thereafter, he is shown as Church of England. It's a guess, but his marriage to Amelia Stiles Seagram probably had something to do with his conversion. 

Children of John Barbour and Isabella Gilholm

Child of John Barbour and Mary White

Child of John Barbour and Amelia Stiles

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