Stephen Moffatt

ID # 5676, (1799-1882)
BirthStephen Moffatt was born in 1799 at Scotland. 
MarriageHe married Jane Thompson
DeathHe died on 8 January 1882 at North Dumfries Township, Waterloo Co.. 
BurialHe was buried at Section 4, Mountview Cemetery, Galt. 
NoteDeath reg. 017932-82 North Dumfries Twp., Waterloo Co.
Stephen Moffatt died 8th June 1882. Age 83 (but then stroked out). Farmer. Born Scotland. Presbyterian. Physician and informant Dr. Lundy, Galt.

Stephen Moffatt's gravestone in section 4 of Mountview Cemetery in Galt states that he died June 8th, 1882, at age 83 years and 1 month. According to the transcription, which was done by the Waterloo Region branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society, there is an inscription on a stone, but also a metal plate which essentially repeats the stone's information, but also includes other family members.

The names of the children of Stephen and Jane are taken from the 1851, 1861, and 1871 censuses in North Dumfries Township. Also referenced are death registrations, marriages, church records, and gravestone inscriptions. The list may be incomplete, but when Stephen Thompson Moffatt died in 1869, he is referred to as the 5th son of Stephen Moffatt. This agrees with our list. The possibility remains that there are more daughters.

When Stephen Moffatt Sr's son Stephen Thompson Moffatt died in 1869, the Dumfries Reformer stated that he died at Burnside Farm. Unusually, the 1861 Tremaine map of North Dumfries, identifies this property as such such and shows it as the property of Stephen Moffatt. The 'burn' running through this farm, which could at times of the year be of a goodly spate, is presently known as Moffatt's Creek and runs through the old Tutton farm which is now Churchill Park.

The 1832 census of Dumfries Township East of the Grand River (see MS700 reel 1) shows Stephen Moffatt with 100 acres on lot 7 of concession 10. The Tremaine 1861 map appears to show Stephen on lot 8, lot 7 being identified as that of Thomas Moffatt, Stephen's oldest son.

To confuse matters the 1842 census of Dumfries Township shows Stephen Moffatt with some portion of lot 3 on the 9th concession.

Andrew Taylor is his book quotes from the 1837 Dumfries assessment which locates Stephen in the township, but does not identify the property. Assessments and abstract indexes do not always agree and the abstract indexes are the more reliable, however, for the moment a copy of the AI for Stephen Moffatt's property is not to hand.

The Abstract Indexes for North Dumfries as they appear on the Ontario Registry Land Access website (December 2017) should be used with some care. It does appear, typically, that they cast far back to Gore District transactions, but rather are concerned with transactions closer to the county era. Transactions in the 1840s may be found, but the earlier transactions back to 1817 have yet to be noted. The Abstract Indexes to be found at the Archives of Ontario do cast back to earliest days as well as the Dickson Papers. 

Children of Stephen Moffatt and Jane Thompson

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