Lillie Shainholdts

ID # 5844, (1880-1956)
BirthLillie Shainholdts was born on 31 August 1880 at Willoughby Township, Welland Co., Ontario. 
MarriageShe married Martin Heximer on 5 April 1899 at Village Of Niagara Falls, Welland County.
Mrge reg. 015964-99 Village of Niagara Falls, Welland County
Martin Heximer, 30, widower, farmer, Methodist. Born and residing Willoughby. Parents George Henry Heximer and Elizabeth Morningstar.
Lillie Shainholdts, 19, spinster, Methodist. Born Willoughby, residing Stamford. Parents John Shainholdts and Mary Napier.
Witnesses Thos. M. Heximer of Niagara Falls Village and Cora B. Dell of Netherby (so written).
On April 5, 1899, at Niagara Falls Village, by J. C. Devereaux.

DeathShe died on 13 June 1956 at age 75. 
BurialShe was buried at Evangelical Cemetery, Willoughby. 
NoteBirth reg. 035048-80 Willoughby Twp., Welland Co.
Mary Elizabeth Shainholdts born 31st August 1880. Parents John Shainholdts, farmer, and Mary Napier. Physician E. A. Gaviller. Informant John Shainholdts, Willoughby.

At the time the birth registration was filed, it was for an unnamed female only. This was occasionally done, though not common. An entry was made to the 1880 form on 13 January, 1950, which shows her name as Mary Elizabeth Shainholdts (as shown above). The source of the correction is simply shown as a 'family record', probably a family bible, or perhaps a baptismal record (the name of the person filing the correction is not given). Also, the spelling of her father's name, shown as Shainholts on the original, was corrected to Shainholdts. At a guess, something like a passport was being sought and the corrected birth registration was required.

Note that on the marriage registration of Martin Heximer, the bride's name is shown as Lillie Shainholdts. The gravestone shows her as Mary Elizabeth, if indeed this was the same person. The 1901, 1911, and 1921 censuses show her name as Lillie. Almost certainly, she was Mary Elizabeth Shainholdts. 'Lillie' is perhaps a nickname.

What follows may not be entirely correct, but it seems reasonable based on available evidence.

The 1871 census shows a J. and Mary Shainholdts in Willoughby Township. They have a son Peter, age 6, born Canada; a daughter Ida, age 3, and son Elijah, age 1, both born in the U.S. At the time of the 1871 census, early April, the family is obviously in Willoughby Township in Welland County for them to be enumerated there.

On 31st August, 1880, as noted above, an unnamed female child is born, her name decades later being entered on the form as Mary Elizabeth Shainholdts. When originally written on 10th September, 1880, the parents names were shown as John Shainholts and Mary Napier.

On the 23rd September 1880, Mary Shainholts, of Willoughby Township, age 38, died of 'heart disease'. The informant was the family doctor. It seems reasonable that she is the mother of Mary Elizabeth.

The 1881 census shows Peter Shainholdts, now 16, as being in the home of Elijah and Mary Shainholdts, apparently his grandparents, so, while we have no certainty, he may have been away from his father's household for some time. A record for siblings Ida and Elijah has not been found.

What follows is a guess. The reader may decide as to its accuracy :

The 1881 census at Willoughby shows a Mary E. Taylor, age 7 months and as being born the previous August. She is with parents John and Elizabeth Taylor.

The 1891 census at Thorold shows Mary E. Taylor, age 10, with John and Elizabeth Taylor.

Lillie Shainholdts marries Martin Heximer on 5 April, 1899, and at first glance, it appears as if this has little relationship to the foregoing Taylor information.

John and Elizabeth Taylor are in Chippawa Village as of the 1901 census. John Taylor of Chippawa died in 1917. The informant was Elizabeth Taylor.

In 1921, Martin and Lillie Heximer are still in Willoughby Township and with them is an Elizabeth Taylor, age 67. She is described as a cousin to the head of the house, namely Martin

Elizabeth Taylor died in 1922 in Willoughby. Her parents are shown as Jacob Heximer and Magadelene Eberly, both born Bertie Township, a township adjacent to Willoughby. Martin Heximer is the informant and, again, describes Elizabeth as his cousin.

Martin and Lillian had several children. A son Albert was born in 1909. His father is named as Martin Heximer and his mother as Mary Elizabeth Taylor. A son Robert was born in 1912 and his father is named as Martin Heximer and his mother as Lillian Taylor.


Mary Elizabeth, also known as Lillian, was born a Shainholdts. Only a month later, her mother died and it does appear that her father, John Shainholdts, gave up his children for adoption. Mary Elizabeth/Lillian was adopted by John and Elizabeth Taylor. We have no information as to the whether the adoption was formal or informal.

The date of death for Mary Elizabeth Shainholdts Heximer is taken from the gravestone in Willoughby United Church Cemetery. The Evangelical Brethren did not join the United Church of Canada until 1968, so, at the time of Mary Elizabeth's burial, the cemetery was still that of the Evangelical Brethren. Later, it became the Willoughby United Church Cemetery. 
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