Martin Heximer

ID # 5841, (1867-1929)
BirthMartin Heximer was born on 17 September 1867 at Willoughby Township, Welland Co., Ontario. 
MarriageHe married Cora Willick, daughter of Joseph Willick and Margaret Misener, on 23 September 1891 at Crowland Township, Welland County.
Mrge reg. 012106-91 Crowland Twp., Welland Co.
Martin Heximer, 24, bachelor, farmer, Evangelical. Born Canada, residing Willoughby. Parents George illeg. Heximer and Elizabeth Heximer.
Cora Willick, 19, spinster, Methodist. Born Canada, residing Crowland. Parents Joseph and 'Mary' Willick.
Witnesses Andrew Willick, Willoughby, and Angus Troup, Humberstone.
On 23rd September, 1891, at Crowland, by Rev. Gabriel Heximer

Martin married a second time in 1899. The latter marriage registration shows his mother's maiden name as Morningstar.
MarriageHe married Lillie Shainholdts on 5 April 1899 at Village Of Niagara Falls, Welland County.
Mrge reg. 015964-99 Village of Niagara Falls, Welland County
Martin Heximer, 30, widower, farmer, Methodist. Born and residing Willoughby. Parents George Henry Heximer and Elizabeth Morningstar.
Lillie Shainholdts, 19, spinster, Methodist. Born Willoughby, residing Stamford. Parents John Shainholdts and Mary Napier.
Witnesses Thos. M. Heximer of Niagara Falls Village and Cora B. Dell of Netherby (so written).
On April 5, 1899, at Niagara Falls Village, by J. C. Devereaux.

DeathHe died on 6 September 1929 at Willoughby Township, Welland Co., at age 61. 
BurialHe was buried on 9 September 1929 at Evangelical Cemetery, Willoughby. 
NoteDeath reg. 036960-29 Willoughby Twp., Welland Co.
Martin Heximer died in Willoughby Township on September 6, 1929. Age 61 years, 11 months, 20 days. Married. Farmer. Resided at place of death for his lifetime. Parents George Henry Heximer, born Germany, and Elizabeth Morningstar, born Willoughby. Physician Dr. J. B. Buell, Stevensville. Informant Mrs. Mary E. Heximer, R. R. 1, Chippawa, wife. Burial September 9, 1929, in the Evangelical Cemetery, Willoughby. 

Children of Martin Heximer and Cora Willick

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