Adam Henry Snyder

ID # 6063, (1853-1934)
BirthAdam Henry Snyder was born on 15 June 1853 at Peel County. 
MarriageHe married Agnes Hewitt on 23 April 1878 at Freeport, Waterloo Twp., Waterloo Co..
Mrge reg. 011080-78 Waterloo Twp., Waterloo Co.
Adam Henry Snyder, 24, bachelor, farmer, United Brethren. Born Peel County, residing Township of Waterloo. Parents Philip and Maria Snyder.
Agnes Hewitt, 20, spinster, United Brethren. Born and residing Waterloo Township. Parents Elias and Jane Hewitt.
Witnesses Robert Cornell and Martha Hewitt, both of Township of Waterloo.
On April 23, 1878, by J. B. Bowman, U.B.

DeathHe died on 8 December 1934 at Galt, Waterloo Co., Ontario, at age 81. 
BurialHe was buried on 11 December 1934 at Section 6, Mountview Cemetery, Galt. 
NoteDeath reg. 033680-34 Galt, Waterloo Co.
Adam H. Snyder died at 1 York Place, Galt, on December 8, 1934. Residence same. Widower. Born Canada. Born june 16, 1857. Retired. Age 83. Father Phillip Snyder, born U.S.A. Mother unknown. Informant illeg. Elliott, 1 York Place, daughter. Physician N. B. Grierson, Galt. Burial M.V.C. December 11, 1934.

The dates of birth for Adam and Agnes are taken from the 1901 census as enumerated at Galt. This shows Adam's date of birth as 15 June, 1853. This agrees rather more closely with early census information. A birth year of 1857 as shown above in his death registration is not likely correct. 

Children of Adam Henry Snyder and Agnes Hewitt

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