Hubert Melville Colvig1

ID#  1724, (1891-1940)
2nd great-grandson of Samson Striker
1st cousin 2 times removed of Faye Louise Doyle
Descendants of Samson Striker
     Hubert Melville Colvig was born on 27 December 1891 in Oregon. He was the son of Marcellus N Colvig and Agnes Helen Graves.2

An article in the Oakland Tribune, Oakland, California, on 13 February 1913 read:

Good Looking Youth Uses an Original Method to Escape Mother's Wrath.

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 13.--Hubert N.[sic] Colvig, a wireless operator of
1351 Forty-eighth avenue, tried his best to get arrested last night and finally succeeded, but was turned loose this morning as he could find no one to keep him in custody. When Colvig entered the Park station the sergeant on duty refused to imprison him in the temporary lockup because there was no apparent reason for keeping a young chap of clean appearance and quiet demeanor. Then it was that the youth told the officer that he was a smuggler and that his conscience had been troubling him because he had brought 22 tins of opium into this port from Acapulco. This morning he was turned over [to] Chief Deputy Surveyor Stephens, who marveled that he should have paid, as he did, $500 for the 22 cans referred to. On close cross-examination Colvig admitted that he was no desperado, but that he had been out having a good time, and that his mother had told him that if ever he returned home showing the effects of too much great white way she would kill him.

Stephens handed him back to the police, the officers refused to again lock him up and he went away bewailing his enforced liberty."3

Hubert enlisted in the US Army in 1914. He trained at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and was assigned to Field Company I, signal corps, in Fort Bliss, Texas.4 His service career was rather checkered as evidenced by the following reports:
Sep 1914 - Surrendered at Seattle, Wash., Sept. 25/14, to Maj. F. A. Boutelle, USARet. R. O. Turned over to Mil control at Ft. Lawton, Wash. Sd. [stockade] In conft [confinement] awaiting GCM [general court martial]

Nov 1914 - Released fr conft Nov 28/14, per GCMO#557, Hq. West. Dept., Nov. 14/14; casually at post awaiting disposition. [Apparently his court martial did not result in conviction]

Dec 1914 - Joined Post [Fort Lawton, WA] Sept 25/14; left Dec 28/14, enroute to Seattle, Wn., for duty on W.A.M.C. & T. System.5

In 1917 Hubert Melville Colvig lived in Dallas, Texas, where he was working as a telegraph operator at Mackay Telegraph Co.6 Hubert completed a Draft Registration Card on 5 Jun 1917. He stated that he had previously served 1.5 years in the US Army Signal Corps and that he had been dishonorably discharged.6 He died in San Joaquin County, California, on 21 December 1940 at age 48 when he was walking in the dark and rain near a railroad crossing; he was hit by a train.7,2,8
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