William Smith

ID # 1421, (1843-)
FatherMilo Smith (1797-1879)
MotherEllen Main (1807-1869)
BirthWilliam Smith was born in 1843. 
MarriageHe married Margaret Vrooman, daughter of James Vrooman and Eliza Smith, on 21 March 1866 at Wellington County.
MS248 reel 17, Vol. 79, page 172
Wellington County

Extract from returns of Robert Brown, Pastor of the Congregational Church, Garafraxa, Wellington Co., C.W.

William Smith, 22, born Canada, residing Michigan. Parents Mila and Jane.
Margaret Vrooman, 19, born Canada, residing Garafraxa. Parents James and Eliza Vrooman.
Witnesses Charles Stewart and James Walker, both of Garafraxa.
On March 21, 1866.

At some level William Smith was almost certainly a cousin of Margaret's on her mother's side.

Margaret's parents were both living when she was married in 1866. The county marriage registers do not typically name the location of the marriage, but in all probability it was held in West Garafraxa Township.
NoteWilliam Smith, age 18, is with his parents and siblings in Beverly Township at the time of the 1861 census. His father is shown as Milo Smith and this agrees with William's marriage registration. His mother's name is illegibly written, though has the appearance of being a nickname. It bears no resemblance to 'Jane', as shown on William marriage registration.

It may be pointed out here that Margaret Vrooman's mother was a Smith and that Margaret had a brother named 'Mylo'. William Smith and Margaret Vrooman had a son named Milo. Young Milo was the informant in his mother's death and mixed up her father's name (James) with that of her father-in-law and gave his name as 'Milo Vrooman'.

In marrying Margaret Vrooman, William was almost certainly marrying his second cousin. 

Children of William Smith and Margaret Vrooman

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