Joseph Brown Vrooman

ID # 1578, (1817-1891)
FatherSolomon Secord Vrooman (1783-1874)
MotherMary Brown (1790-1846)
BirthJoseph Brown Vrooman was born on 19 July 1817 at Queenston, Upper Canada. 
BaptismHe was baptized on 7 October 1821 at Queenston. 
MarriageHe married Eliz E. Chapman on 17 May 1845. 
DeathHe died on 5 July 1891 at Chautauqua at age 73. 
NoteSee Vital Records of Upper Canada/Canada West, Vol 1, part 3, Niagara District 1816-1866. Compiled by Dan Walker and Fawne Stratford-Devai, Global Heritage Press, 2005, page 28.

This excerpt is headlined: The following baptisms come from the homemade marriage book 1821-1825, Queenston, Upper Canada, included with Register 1. This is dated lined Queenston, though the records are from St. Mark's Anglican Church, Niagara-on-the-Lake.

7 Oct. 1821 Joseph Brown, son of Solomon and Mary Vrowman, landholder.

Joseph was baptised along with siblings Catherine Vrowman and Adam Brown Vrowman.

The record of events in the life of Joseph Brown Vrooman and his children is obscure. Page 162 of the 1949 Vrooman Family history may be taken as a starting point and seems to compare well with census records, but, beyond that, confirmation of events is difficult. The paragraph about Joseph states that he had several children, but that three only lived to maturity. It then goes on to name four of them: Elizabeth who died in 1870 and who married J.M. Hitchcox; Grace who lived at Clifton Springs, N.Y; Charles M. who was a lawyer who lived at Isabella, Kern Co., California; and George who is said to have gone west.

The list of children in this tree is taken from the list of the family as it appeared in the 1860 census taken at Arcadia, Wayne County, New York. Grace, born about 1862, is also listed.

The brief history of Joseph on page 162 tells that his wife Elizabeth died in Nunda, N.Y., on October 2, 1869. We are told that Elizabeth's maiden name was Chapman and two of the children, Charles and Grace, are with Smith and Emma (or Anna) Chapman in the 1870 census. The rendering of their name is a bit garbled, being shown as Boorman. Smith and Emma Chapman are 70 and 66 respectively, and are likely Elizabeth's parents. Whether they at any point resided with their father in later years is unknown to us.

It is said that Joseph was married three times, but, thus far, a record for only his first marriage to Elizabeth has been found.

The 1860 census describes Joseph as a baptist minister. He officiated at the marriages of nieces and nephews back in Queenston in later years. 

Children of Joseph Brown Vrooman and Eliz E. Chapman

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