William George Himes

ID # 2377, (1876-1931)
FatherJohn Himes (1846-1909)
MotherLavinia Mathewson (1849-1925)
BirthWilliam George Himes was born on 18 January 1876 at Galt, Waterloo Co., Ontario. 
MarriageHe married Mary Emma Snyder, daughter of Adam Henry Snyder and Agnes Hewitt, on 1 November 1913 at Berlin, Ontario.
Mrge reg. 016175-13 Berlin, Waterloo Co.
William Himes, 37, bachelor, moulder, Methodist. Born Galt, residing Berlin. Parents John Himes and Levina Mathewson.
Emma Snyder, 30, spinster, Methodist. Born Freeport, residing Berlin. Parents Adam Snyder and Agnes Hewitt.
Witnesses James McCaffery and Mrs. James McCaffery, both of Berllin.
On November 1, 1913, by C. L. McIrvine, Berlin, Methodist.
DeathHe died on 30 April 1931 at Galt, Waterloo Co., at age 55. 
BurialHe was buried on 4 May 1931 at Section 6, Mountview Cemetery, Galt, Ontario. 
NoteBirth reg. 031577-76 Galt, Waterloo Co.
William George Himes born 18 Jan 1876. Parents John Himes, clerk, and Lavinia Mathewson. Physician Dr. Sylvester. Informant John Himes, clerk, Galt.

Death reg. 033781-31 Galt, Waterloo Co.
William Himes died at the Galt Hospital on April 30, 1931. Residence 40 Concession Street. Married. Born Galt. Date of birth Jan 18. Moulder. Age 55. Parents John Himes and Lavinia Mathewson, both born England. Informant John Himes, 91 Shade St., brother. Burial Galt, May 4, 1931. 

Children of William George Himes and Mary Emma Snyder

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