Esther Hyams

ID # 2492, (1857-)
FatherBenjamin Hyams (1808-1876)
MotherAnn Parkinson (1812-)
BirthEsther Hyams was born on 1 January 1857 at Poplar, Co. Of Middlesex, England. 
NoteEsther appears with her parents, age 4, in the 1861 census at Poplar. The other children are gone from the home. Her parents have taken lodgers. The are at 1 Gates Street in Poplar.

It is possible that Esther never married. She appears in the address book of her much older sister Susannah and showing a birth date of January 1st. This address book is dated 1900 and Esther would be 43. Since Esther, daughter of John Himes and niece of Susannah, was born in July of 1880 in Canada, she cannot be the candidate. The only other possibility would be Susannah's aunt Esther, but she was born March 29, 1812, so Susannah's sister Esther would be the one with the January 1 birth date in her address book.

Esther's birth was registered at Poplar in the first quarter of 1857 in Vol. 1, page C654. 
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