James H. Coleman

ID # 3640, (1812-1882)
FatherJohn W. Coleman (1786-1862)
MotherMargaret Hayes (1790-1882)
BirthJames H. Coleman was born on 11 June 1812 at New Jersey. 
MarriageHe married Jane Blasdell
DeathHe died on 18 April 1882 at Beverly Township at age 69. 
BurialHe was buried at Troy Cemetery. 
NoteJames death registration places his birth in New Jersey. Two independent lists name and date James' birth and this agrees with his date as may be calculated from his grave stone in Troy Cemetery. Since these sources greatly predate the internet, and since they are presented in the same manner as information for James' siblings, it seems reasonable to say that James was the son of John W. Coleman and Margaret Hayes. There is also circumstantial evidence to indicate that this is the case. Certainly land transactions would link him to the family of John W. Coleman.

One other aspect suggesting the brotherhood of William Hayes Coleman and James H. Coleman and, while obviously circumstantial, is that of the naming of their children. It's difficult to escape the conclusion that in their schooling, both sat at the feet of a teacher who was imbued with the classics and who taught something of these classics to his students. William named sons Cyrus and Darius; James perhaps got a bit carried away. He named his sons Artaxerxes Manassas and Hannibal Balshazzar. Some of the names of daughters weren't too bad - Asenath, for example, being almost common in the 1800s. Arsinoe, on the other hand, is totally obscure - there being four queens of Egypt during the last Ptolemaic Dynasty by the name of Arsinoe. Boadicea, of course, was the name of the Celtic queen who almost drove the Romans out of Britain.

(There is some evidence that Artaxerxes in his daily life went by Archie. Arsinoe was known familiarly as Siny and Boadicea, as told to me by a grand niece, was known as Aunt Boadishee - pronounced Bo-di-shee.)

It is with James that we find some small circumstantial evidence that the family of John W. Coleman and Margaret Hayes were cousins to the family of John Coleman and Elizabeth Lawrason. Sarah Coleman Buckberrough, daughter of John and Elizabeth, was, with her husband George, in the habit of naming their children after family members, mainly Colemans. They named a son James Coleman Buckberrough. Once we elminate the possibility that James was Sarah's brother, we are left with a reasonable possibility that they were cousins. Admittedly, they were near neighbours on the 1st concession of Beverly and James H. Coleman may have been simply a good friend, but this notion doesn't fit with the manner in which the Buckberrough children were named.

The first source for names of the children of James and Jane was the excellent Misener Family Tree web pages posted by Connie Duke and this seems based on the 1861 census of the family in Beverly Township. More recently, information has been received from descendants of Asenath Coleman Kynoch, for which I'm very appreciative. This is based on letters from Elmer Coleman, son of Artaxerxes, written many years ago. Other sources have been of use - Arsinoe's obituary and the 1891 census taken at West Flamboro which lists Gomer's family.

James' death registration is 019347-82. It says that he was 69 years of age and born in New Jersey. The inscription on his gravestone in the Troy Cemetery gives his age as 69 years, 10 months and 7 days. His birthdate is calculated from this.

No record has been found for James that tells us his middle name. As with his brother William, it may have been Hayes though this seems unlikely. 

Children of James H. Coleman and Jane Blasdell

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