Margaret Hayes

ID # 3633, (1790-1882)
FatherMoses Hayes
MotherMary (--?--)
BirthMargaret Hayes was born on 16 January 1790 at Reading, Berks, Pennsylvania. 
MarriageShe married John W. Coleman, son of William Coleman and Mary Wilson, on 15 April 1806.
The date of marriage for John and Margaret is taken from War of 1812 pension card information as found on Familysearch.
DeathShe died in 1882 at Poplar Grove, Boone Co., Illinois. 
BurialShe was buried at Poplar Grove Cemetery. 
NoteThe Bell-Cornwell Family Record (section 2, page 1) tells that Margaret intended to wear a white dress to her wedding with John W. Coleman, but the weather was poor, so she wore a pink dress and road barefoot. It is said that she was 16.

The Bell-Cornwell Family Record, same page, shows the children of John and Margaret - Mary through to John - as being born in Pennsylvania. It shows children Phoebe through Serepta as being born in Brantford. This is not likely correct. The family was In Beverly Township for long enough that their later children, Phoebe through Serepta, were almost certainly born there. Property records show that John sold ownership of his half of lot 6 on the 1st concession to son William Hayes Coleman in 1835. Thereafter, it appears that John and Margaret were in Brantford Township until they moved to Boone County in Illinois. Land records for their stay in Brantford Township have not been found, though John does appear there in the 1842 census.

As for the children said to be born in Pennsylvania, such information as is provided to us in their respective death registrations, places their births in New Jersey. If indeed John W. Coleman enlisted in the American military at Stewardsville as claimed in the Bell-Cornwell Family Record, then it makes sense that Mary thru James were all born in New Jersey. Certainly, the death registrations for William and James place their births in New Jersey. Census information places the births of Philip and Samuel in New York State. The family was likely on the move at this time and it is possible that they stayed in contact with John's sister Nancy and her family during this period. No direct evidence for the place of birth for son John in 1821 has been found, but it is believed that this year is prior to the arrival of the family in Canada. Thereafter, from Phoebe thru Serepta, we may say that the children were born in Beverly Township. Certainly, Phoebe's obituary (see notes under Phoebe) places her birth in Beverly. 

Children of Margaret Hayes and John W. Coleman

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