Joseph Gemmill Hood

ID # 5582, (1823-1906)
FatherWilliam Hood (1797-1832)
MotherJean Graham (1801-1832)
BirthJoseph Gemmill Hood was born on 6 July 1823 at Glasgow, Scotland. 
MarriageHe married Isabella Jack, daughter of William Jack and Mary Hood, on 1 May 1843 at Simcoe County.
The Simcoe County marriage registers ran from an exceptionally early date. Certainly the 1842-49 marriages are presented as being in volume 62 - which is county. Some transcriptions argue for them being described as belonging in the Simcoe District's registry, an entirely valid point.

MS248 reel 14, Vol. 62, pages 5 & 6

Simcoe County Marriage register 1842-1849

Joseph Gemmell Hood of Essa and Isabella Jack of Innisfil.
On May 1, 1843, by proclamation.
Witnesses Thomas T. Duncan and Alexander Gartley.
By William Fraser United Secession Presbyterian.
MarriageHe married Mary Ann Black (--?--), daughter of William Black and Mary Cairns, on 19 February 1864 at Simcoe County.
MS248 reel 14, Vol. 63, page 179
Simcoe County Marriage Register

Extractred from a list of marriages solemnized by John K. Hislop, Presbyterian Minister, West Essa, for the year ending 31 Dec., A.D. 1864

Joseph G. Hood, 40, born Scotland, residing Essa. Parents William and Jane Hood.
Mary A. Black, 32, born Scotland, residing Tosorontio. Parents William and Mary Black.
Witness William Ruthven of Essa.
On 19 February 1864.

For the following see Donald A. McKenzie, Obituaries from Canadian Presbyterian Periodicals, 1872-1896, Global Heritage Press, pages 100-101. This tells of the passing of Rev. John K. Hislop in 1883. It tells that he came from Scotland about 1853 and entered Knox College in 1856. In 1862 he was ordained and served at Alliston until 1871.

According to the Simcoe OGS' transcription of Pioneer Cemeteries of Essa Township (see page 13), Hislop held fortnightly services with the Burns Presbyterian congregation.

County marriage registrations do not typically tell the exact location of the marriage, but Hislop is said to have started several congregations and the marriage may well have been held at Burns Church in Essa Township...or at Alliston in Tecumseth Township...or at the home of Mary Ann's parents in Tosorontio Township. Failing a newspaper report, it's a tossup, though the latter isn't a bad bet. In any event, these locations were not far apart.

DeathHe died on 9 July 1906 at Alliston, Simcoe Co., Ontario, at age 83. 
BurialHe was buried at Alliston Union Cemetery, Tecumseth Twp., Simcoe Co.. 
NoteDeath reg. 026279-06 Alliston, Simcoe Co.
Joseph Gemmill Hood died July 9th, 1907, age 83. Married. Residence Nelson Street. Occupation not entirely clear, but reads ...illeg...court clerk. Born Scotland. Presbyterian. Physician Dr. Harper. Informant W. F. Kinsey.

The1864 marriage registration between Joseph G. Hood and Mary A. Black tells that Joseph's parents were William and Jane Hood (her maiden name said to be Graham.) A descendant, whose permission I have to pass this along, tells an interesting story, one garnered by her father, now long deceased, and a friend and relative versed in genealogy who did some research into the background of Joseph Gemmill Hood. It appears that Joseph was one of several children, though how many is unknown. The story told is that his father, William Hood, studied for the ministry, but changed his mind and became a medical doctor. The family was in Glasgow and when an epidemic of cholera broke out William and Jane sent the children out of Glasgow while the couple tended the sick. It is said that both William and Jane, or Janet, or Jean, as her name is sometimes given, both died of the cholera in 1832.

The kirk is said to have cared for the children for a time, but that Joseph was sent to Canada to live with relatives and a brother was sent to Australia. The story goes that Joseph and the brother flipped a coin to see which of them would go where and that they would then save money to arrange that they be reunited. In the event, both chose to stay where they were sent.

Just to where in Canada Joseph first came is unknown. The 1851 censuses for Simcoe County, both every-person and agricultural, have not survived, but we first find that Joseph was said to be resident in Essa Township in 1843 as of his marriage to Isabella Jack. The next record found relates to Essa Township lot 12 on the 2nd concession. In September of 1854, Joseph Hood received a Crown Patent for the east half of this lot; in December of the same year, James Jack, surely the brother of Isabella, received a Crown Patent for the West half of this lot. Joseph and James are still on their halves of the Essa lot as of the 1861 agricultural census.

Beyond the above, Joseph's paternal grandparents are said to be William Hood (1744-1810) and Hannah Clark, or Clarke, b. 1752. Jean, or Janet, Graham's parentage is unknown.

Joseph's paternal great grandparents are said to be James Hood, b. 1718, and Isabel Hutchison, b. 1723. Both are said to be born in Kelso, Scotland. 

Children of Joseph Gemmill Hood and Isabella Jack

Children of Joseph Gemmill Hood and Mary Ann Black (--?--)

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