Isabella Jack

ID # 5593, (1819-1862)
FatherWilliam Jack (1788-1860)
MotherMary Hood (1789-1867)
BirthIsabella Jack was born on 9 December 1819 at Glasgow, Scotland. 
MarriageShe married Joseph Gemmill Hood, son of William Hood and Jean Graham, on 1 May 1843 at Simcoe County.
The Simcoe County marriage registers ran from an exceptionally early date. Certainly the 1842-49 marriages are presented as being in volume 62 - which is county. Some transcriptions argue for them being described as belonging in the Simcoe District's registry, an entirely valid point.

MS248 reel 14, Vol. 62, pages 5 & 6

Simcoe County Marriage register 1842-1849

Joseph Gemmell Hood of Essa and Isabella Jack of Innisfil.
On May 1, 1843, by proclamation.
Witnesses Thomas T. Duncan and Alexander Gartley.
By William Fraser United Secession Presbyterian.
DeathShe died on 20 September 1862 at age 42. 
BurialShe was buried at Alliston Union Cemetery, Tecumseth Twp., Simcoe Co.. 
NoteA transcription of Burns Presbyterian Cemetery in Essa Township, Simcoe County, shows Isabella, the wife of Joseph G. Hood, as being buried in Burns. There is also a transcription of the Joseph G. Hood stone in Alliston Union Cemetery and Isabella is recorded as being buried there as well.

A 1980 transcription of Burns Presbyterian Cemetery provides rather more detail that does the inscription for Isabella on the family gravestone in Alliston Union Cemetery.

The Burns inscription reads:

IMO / Isabella, wife of Joseph G. Hood, died Sept. 20th, 1862, AE 42 years, 9 mos., 11 days. Native of Glasgow, Scotland.
Also, an Infant son of the above, died May 28, 1862.

Isabella's age, calculated against her date of death, tells that she was born on December 9, 1819. Her sister Hannah may reasonably be said to have been born in 1819 and she and Isabella may be twins, but with Isabella's birth being in December of the year, it's entirely possible that they were not.

Joseph G. Hood was elected secretary of the Alliston cemetery committee when the cemetery was opened in 1886, a position he held for 20 years, and as matters fell out, remains were transferred from Burns Cemetery to Alliston Union. This information is per a descendant, for her father attended a reinterrment from Burns to Alliston. We are on safe ground in showing Isabella and her infant child as being buried in Alliston, though they were originally buried at Burns Presbyterian Cemetery. Daughter Jane Hood, died 1879, may have been buried in Burns as well, though there is no surviving record. Again, we may safely say that she is buried in Alliston Union Cemetery.

This tree shows Isabella Jack as the daughter of William Jack and Mary Hood. The marriage registration is typical of the day in that parentage was not mentioned, nor the exact location of the marriage. They were almost certainly, however, married in Innisville Township.

Notes for William Jack already tell that Hannah Duncan, the wife of Thomas P. Duncan, was the daughter of William Jack and Mary Hood. When we look at the marriage of Joseph Gemmill Hood and Isabella Jack in 1843, we notice that one of the witnesses was Thomas T Duncan. The middle initial shown as T. is almost certainly an error. He will have been Thomas P. Duncan (middle initial P. for Park.)

He was surely Isabella's brother-in-law who was married to Hannah Jack. 

Children of Isabella Jack and Joseph Gemmill Hood

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