William Sparks

ID # 6606, (1800-)
BirthWilliam Sparks was born in 1800 at Berwickshire, Scotland. 
MarriageHe married Isabella Lindsay on 19 May 1820 at Swinton and Simprin, Berwick, Scotland.
Per transcribed Familysearch database, Scotland Marriages

William Spark and Isabella Lindsay married 19 May, 1820, at
Swinton and Simprin, Berwick, Scotland.

NoteWilliam Sparks' son Thomas appears in the 1901 census at St. Marys, Perth County This tells that he came to Canada in 1848. Since Thomas was only two years of age, we must believe that he came with his family. We cannot at present know when the Sparks family settled in Blenheim Township of Oxford County. With such information available for the moment, they had a half lot (100 acres) on lot 10 of the 3rd concession. A portion of the abstract index for this property is available from Onland/The Ontario Land Registry Access website. This does not provide a complete history of the property and we are not shown when William Sparks purchased the property. What is probably the second page picks up recording a portion of the will of William Sparks wherein he leaves this property (the acreage not stated) to his wife Isabella and his son, James Sparks. The microfilming of this document, probably considered to be of only historic interest, is poor and mainly unreadable. The Latter Day Saints probably have the same documentation in their microfilm reels, usually to be found at the Archives of Ontario under the GSU series of microfilms. These reels usually (not always) contain readable material and may be checked at some point. It is of some interest that what is available from Onland indicates that a will (or part will) was entered into a land registry book. Wills prior to 1900 did not have to be probated and often were simply handed in to the land registry office if there was little other than the transfer of land in the will. This would avoid probate fees. The abstract index indicates William Sparks' will is dated January 1866 and that is was registered in January of 1867. As William appears with his family in Blenheim Township in the 1851 and 1861 censuses, but not the 1871 census, it seems probably that he died in 1866. This remains to be confirmed.

The only other comment to be made is that an index exists for wills for Oxford County and no Sparks will from the 1860s era is to be found. It may well be that it was never probated. The same index indicates that William's son James, who died in 1924, did have a will and that it was duly probated. 

Children of William Sparks and Isabella Lindsay

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