Johann Georg Hespeler

ID # 6848, (1784-1840)
ChristeningJohann Georg Hespeler was christened on 8 November 1784 at Eningen, Wurttemberg, Germany. 
BirthHe was born on 8 November 1784 at Eningen, Wurttemberg. 
MarriageHe married Anna Barbara Wick on 27 July 1809 at Eningen, Baden (Baden-Wurttemburg), Germany.
Ancestry has a database, Baden, Germany, Lutheran Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, 1502-1985 (transcription only).

Name Anna Barbara Wick, age 17, birth date 26 Nov 1791, marriage date 27 July 1809. Place Gernsbach, Baden (Baden-Wurttemberg). Parents Jakob and Ursula Wick. Spouse Johann Georg Hespeler.
Parish Gernsbach, page nbr. 182, 183.

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Johann Georg Hespeler, birth date 08 Nov 1784
Anna Barbara Wick, birth date 26 Nov 1792
Event date (marriage) 27 Jul 1809, at Eningen, Wurttemberg, Germany
Groom's parents Joh. Georg Hespeler and Maria Reg. Leuzin
Bride's parents Jacob and Maria Ursula Wick.

DeathHe died on 10 September 1840 at age 55. 
BurialHe was buried on 12 September 1840 at Baden Baden Wurttemburg, Germany. 
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Johann Georg Hespeler
Deutschland Geburten und Taufen, 1558-1898

Name:Johann Georg Hespeler
Event Date:1784
Birth Date:08 Nov 1784
Birth Year:1784
Christening Date:08 Nov 1784
Christening Place:Eningen, Württemberg, Germany
Father's Name:Johann Georg Hespeler
Mother's Name:Regina Leuzin

Ancestry has a database, transcription only:

Baden, Germany, Lutheran Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, 1783-1875

Johann Georg Hespeler, age 55, died 10 September, 1840, burial 12 September, 1840, at Baden, Baden (Baden-Württemberg).
Parents Johann Georg Hespeler and Regine Hespeler.
Spouse Babette Wick.
Parish and city or district, Baen
Page nbr 70;71
Author Evangelische Kirche Baden (Baden.) 

Children of Johann Georg Hespeler and Anna Barbara Wick

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