Andrew Lemon

ID # 3246, (1830-1891)
FatherJohn Lemon (1801-1871)
MotherMartha Heaton (1808-1874)
BirthAndrew Lemon was born on 27 September 1830 at Stamford Township, Niagara District. 
MarriageHe married Charlotte Laura Armstrong, daughter of Thomas George Armstrong and Charlotte Fellows, on 22 August 1861.
The date for the marriage of Andrew and Charlotte, 22 August, 1861, is as given in a biography that appeared in the Western Law Times, Vol II, Winnipeg, 1891. A marriage registration for Andrew and Charlotte has not been found in the Canada West county marriage registrations, which are reasonably well indexed. At first glance, this is odd, for Charlotte's mother, Charlotte Fellows Armstrong, married Walter Dickson in 1859 and this is to be found with ease. It is entirely possible that the answer to this has to do with handwriting issues - there are certainly legibility issues with the handwriting of the Lincoln County clerk. Since a search of the Lincoln County marriage register shows nothing even faintly resembling the names of Andrew or Charlotte, another answer might well be that the couple married out of province. At the time of their marriage, Charlotte was probably resident in Niagara Town and so a marriage in New York State is entirely possible. Canada East (Quebec) is also (though less likely) a possibility.
DeathHe died on 19 May 1891 at Winnipeg, Manitoba, at age 60. 
BurialHe was buried at St. John's Cathedral Anglican Cemetery, Winnipeg. 
NoteFor much of what follows, and unless otherwise stated, we draw upon The Western Law Times, Editor Archer Martin, Barrister-at-Law, Vol. 2, Winnipeg, Canada, The Western Law Times Publishing Company, 1891. This also provides us with us with some background information for Andrew's wife Charlotte Laura Armstrong.

Page 90 provides the following information.

That Andrew Lemon was registrar in equity and clerk of records and writs in the court of the Queen's Bench in Manitoba and who died on May 19th (1891). He was a younger son of John Lemon, yeoman (farmer), lot 71, Stamford Township, and was born there on September 27, 1830. He was called to the Bar of Upper Canada in 1852, and practiced at Guelph for many years. He removed to Winnipeg in the summer of 1882 and was called to the Bar of Manitoba.

The biography goes on to say that on August 22, 1861, he married Charlotte Laura, the only daughter of Captain George Armstrong and his wife Charlotte Fellows of East Zorra, near Woodstock. Charlotte died May 3, 1882. The children of Andrew and Charlotte Laura are named as: George Heaton, Edward Burnard, Laura Gertrude, Charlotte Ethel May, and John Andrew Wilford.

Andrew is said to have died at his residence, 176 Edmonton Street, Winnipeg, and was buried in St. John's churchyard. 

Children of Andrew Lemon and Charlotte Laura Armstrong

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